Mother’s Day Flower Recipes

by Kit Wertz

The let­ter “M” stands for “May” or “Mom” or “Mag­nif­i­cent Flow­ers.” Okay…maybe that is a stretch, but this month we’ll fea­ture some flo­ral design ideas to help you cre­ate some­thing for the spe­cial moth­er in your life. Don’t for­get that Moth­er’s Day is May 12, 2013, and that we are offer­ing a spe­cial mother/child flower arrang­ing class the day before Moth­er’s Day at our stu­dio. NOTE: We wel­come grandmother/mom/kid com­bos of all ages from 5‑to 95-years-old!

To kick off this mon­th’s fea­ture on moms, we’ll talk about the lat­est design we cre­at­ed over this past week­end. Flower Duet was asked to appear at The Grove in Los Ange­les to give the moth­ers shop­ping at The Gap a spe­cial treat of flower arrang­ing tips to coin­cide with the launch of the Diane von Fursten­berg Explor­ers Col­lec­tion for GAPKIDS.

I was on hand at the store to show shop­pers how to deal with a com­mon prob­lem when try­ing to design flow­ers in a short vase that has a wide open­ing like a cube or like these cute and col­or­ful ceram­ic pots we used for the demon­stra­tion. (Casey was busy cre­at­ing gor­geous designs for anoth­er event we had the same day!) Here is what I demon­strat­ed and how you can recre­ate this look, too.
Kit demo flowers at Gap The Grove
This is one of the designs that I demon­strat­ed using our “Bun­dle and Place” tech­nique which works very well for short vas­es and con­tain­ers.
mother's day flowers
I used orange, yel­low and green vas­es and flow­ers to high­light the Gap’s spring col­lec­tion.

Floral Design Recipe for the Garden-Loving Mom

The full look is accom­plished by cre­at­ing three bun­dles of flow­ers. Then each is placed into the vase and kept in place by lock­ing the stem bun­dles togeth­er. To see how this is done in more detail, you can watch our free video on how to “Bun­dle and Place” your flow­ers.

Here is a view of what two of the three bun­dles look like in the vase.

Flower Recipe:

6 full-head­ed orange ros­es

3 orange spray ros­es

2 stems Bupleu­rum

2 stems Pink Rice flower

1 stem Vibur­num

3 stems Green Trick Dianthus

Vase: Low ceram­ic vase is 3 inch­es across at the bot­tom, 4.5 inch­es tall and 5 inch­es across at the top open­ing.

Remove all green­ery from all the stems. Sep­a­rate Bupleu­rum, Rice Flower, and Vibur­num to cre­ate short­er stems for your bun­dles. Cre­ate 3 bun­dled posies by using 2 Ros­es in each, 1 Spray Rose, 1 Green Trick Dianthus, 2 Vibur­num blos­soms, 3 Bupleu­rum stems, 5 Rice Flower Stems.

Floral Design Recipe for the Traditional Flower Mom

This was a design we cre­at­ed for a wed­ding in ear­ly April. We used metal­lic vas­es of assort­ed sizes and some love­ly tra­di­tion­al and roman­tic flow­ers. You can see a large pho­to album from this wed­ding on our Face­book page.

Flower Recipe:

2 white Hydrangea stems

1 green Hydrangea stem

3 pink Stock stems

1 white Veron­i­ca stem

1 Suc­cu­lent rosette

1 seed­ed Euca­lyp­tus stem, bro­ken down into small­er pieces

2–3 Dusty Miller stems

3 light pink spray Ros­es

3 peach-col­ored gar­den Ros­es

Vase: Mer­cury class foot­ed vase is 7 inch­es tall with a 5‑inch open­ing.

We hand-tied the designs for this arrange­ment. To learn how to cre­ate a hand-tied arrange­ment, please order our flo­ral design DVD, How to Cre­ate a Euro­pean Wrap Bou­quet.

Floral Design Recipe for the Beachy Tropical Mom


Tropical Mother's Day How to orchids



Tropical Mother's Day How to cymbidium


Flower Recipe:

10 White Den­dro­bi­um Orchid Stems

1 Cym­bid­i­um Orchid bloom

10 inch­es of col­ored alu­minum wire

Dark peb­bles — about 1 cup

Low rec­tan­gle clear glass con­tain­er mea­sur­ing 10 inch­es long, by 4 inch­es tall and 3 inch­es wide.

Bun­dle the Den­dro­bi­um orchids using alu­minum wire (we used two dif­fer­ent col­ored wires). Fill the vase with water. Care­ful­ly place the peb­bles in the bot­tom (we like to add water first so that rocks or peb­bles don’t break the glass of the vase). Trim the orchid stems so that they are even and allow you to place them into the vase at an eye-pleas­ing angle. Cov­er the bot­tom of the stems with the Cym­bid­i­um bloom by sub­mers­ing it halfway into the water. Cym­bid­i­ums are very hardy flow­ers and do well inside a vase of water.

Floral Design Recipe for the Culinary Mom

Culinary Mother's Day Flowers
Flower Design Idea: Use a mix of cut organ­i­cal­ly grown herbs in a mixed bou­quet. We like Laven­der, Rose­mary, Mint, and Sage. Place cut stems in clean water in 3–4 dec­o­ra­tive drink­ing glass­es on a pret­ty plate or sil­ver plat­ter. This way, the herbs can be dried and stored or used imme­di­ate­ly for cook­ing.

Floral Design Recipe for the Wildflower Mom

Wildflower Mother's Day Flowers

Flower Design Idea: Wild­flow­ers are avail­able lat­er in the sum­mer, but if you have a mom with a birth­day in August or Sep­tem­ber, this would be a great idea for a birth­day bou­quet. Wild­flower ideas include Lark­spur, Echi­nacea, Alli­um, Bach­e­lor But­tons, Veron­i­ca, and Rud­beck­ia.

Flowers in the Media

by Casey Schwartz

Real Simple Magazine

Flow­ers in the media and adver­tis­ing are abun­dant this time of year. So, just what are all these flow­ers grac­ing these cov­ers of May mag­a­zines? How do you work with them and can you grow them in your own gar­den this sum­mer? Let’s take a look at each one and find out!

Real Sim­ple Mag­a­zine

Kit and I each sub­scribe to this mag­a­zine and even though I may not be able to actu­al­ly read it right away, it is grac­ing my cof­fee table like a real vase of bold pink Peonies. This cov­er is very appro­pri­ate for the sea­son as we are start­ing to see the reg­u­lar arrival of Peonies at the whole­sale flower ven­dors. The col­ors avail­able now vary from bright white and pinks to coral and even yel­low! They are pow­er­ful and del­i­cate flow­ers at the same time. Kind of like a Mom. Peony arrange­ments are like the name of this mag­a­zine. They are the only flower you need to fill a vase and make it love­ly.
Victoria Magazine
Vic­to­ria Mag­a­zine

Laven­der graces the cov­er of this issue. Native to the Mediter­ranean, it seems to grow many places one would not expect. It usu­al­ly likes dry, sun­ny, rocky sur­round­ings, but some­how Eng­land seems to grow it in abun­dance. “Vic­to­ria Mag­a­zine” feels like a step into mer­ry old Eng­land and adorned with the roman­tic flow­ers of Laven­der it seems most fit­ting for the month of May. We love to use laven­der when we teach our herb wreath class­es. Plant it with your ros­es and cab­bage; it will help keep the deer away!
all you Magazine
All You Mag­a­zine

Snap to it and learn how to make this dar­ling vase and fill it with bright Snap Drag­ons. “All You” mag­a­zine fea­tures how to cre­ate the vase dec­o­ra­tion and how to “Plant a Gor­geous Cut­ting Gar­den.” Snap Drag­ons are avail­able year-round at the flower mart as a cut flower in a full range of col­ors. Buy them now from the local nurs­eries to plant in your gar­den, con­tain­er or win­dow box. They are a ter­rif­ic line flower that will con­tin­ue to grow after you have cut them and will fol­low the sun.
Southern Lady Magazine
South­ern Lady Mag­a­zine

This looks like a porch where Kit, our Mom and I would love to sit and sip some of that sweet tea. A white-washed palette of Hydrangea col­ors graces this invit­ing scene with flow­ers in fresh white, blue and “antiqued green” which are off­set by bold orange Ros­es in the water pitch­er. As a cut flower, white Hydrangea is avail­able year round as well as the orange Ros­es. Even though you are so hap­py to have the Hydrangea final­ly bloom in your own gar­den, give the new blos­som heads a few days on the plant to be strong enough to man­age in the vase.
Cottage Journal Magazine
The Cot­tage Jour­nal Sea­sons Mag­a­zine

Hydrangeas also grace this huge col­or­ful pot that I just love. The pale pas­tels of the Hydrangea work well with this wide-mouthed rus­tic pot. It would take dozens of ros­es to fill this con­tain­er, so the edi­tors chose the right flower to fill it well. The robin egg blue cups are a sure sign of spring. Be sure to keep your Hydrangeas hydrat­ed.

Martha Stewart Magazine
Martha Stew­art Liv­ing Mag­a­zine

Whether you like to call them “John­ny-Jump-ups,” “Vio­las” or “Pan­sies,” these native wild­flow­ers from Europe look love­ly sprin­kled on this lus­cious cake. These dar­ling lit­tle flow­ers with hap­py faces are edi­ble and good for you. Also referred to as Heart­sease, these flow­ers have been used to treat epilep­sy, asth­ma, eczema, and cold symp­toms over the years. These bloom from April to Sep­tem­ber and are avail­able at your local plant nurs­ery. Add some zest to your gar­den and your sal­ad or cake!
flower Magazine
flower Mag­a­zine

One would expect to see flow­ers grac­ing the front of this mag­a­zine. We are delight­ed to receive 50 copies of this delight­ful mag­a­zine each sea­son to give to our stu­dents. This is a great pub­li­ca­tion that speaks to all our stu­dents and all flower enthu­si­asts. The spring cov­er is an amaz­ing com­bo of pur­ples with just a touch of green and fea­tures Anemones, Del­phini­um, Hyacinths, Lisianthus, Nigel­la pods, and lots of love­ly green Vibur­num. This arrange­ment says, “It’s Spring!”
Last month, Sun­set Mag­a­zine fea­tured a gor­geous orange dahlia on the cov­er. Yum!

Slow Flowers” Book Signing with Debra Prinzing

by Kit Wertz

Slow Flowers Debra with Casey and Kit
Pic­tured from left, Casey Schwartz, Debra Prinz­ing and Kit Wertz. We are so hap­py to have met Debra and can’t wait for her next book!

Pho­to by Car­ol Reach from

We host­ed acclaimed gar­den writer Debra Prinz­ing, author of The 50 Mile Bou­quet: Sea­son­al, Local and Sus­tain­able Flow­ers, last month in our stu­dio for a flo­ral demon­stra­tion and book sign­ing. Inspired by the “slow food” move­ment which encour­ages peo­ple to grow and eat food that is both healthy and sus­tain­able, Debra looks close to home for flo­ral inspi­ra­tion in her own back­yard and near­by farms. She talked about her two lat­est books, includ­ing her newest, Slow Flow­ers: Four Sea­sons of Local­ly Grown Bou­quets from the Gar­den, Mead­ow, and Farm, in which she cre­at­ed a bou­quet per week using only local­ly sourced mate­ri­als.

Slow Flowers Reception
A Slow Flow­ers Recep­tion, Flo­ral Demon­stra­tion, and Book Sign­ing were held at our stu­dio April 16, 2013.

Slow Flowers begins
Debra Prinz­ing start­ed her pre­sen­ta­tion by read­ing a few pas­sages from her most recent books and by giv­ing the audi­ence back­ground as to how she wrote each book. Pho­to by Car­ol Reach from

Slow Flowers Crowd
We had a won­der­ful turnout of florists, flower whole­salers, gar­den­ers and flo­ral enthu­si­asts for Debra’s book sign­ing and flower design demon­stra­tions. Every­one was able to take home flow­ers from the demon­stra­tion to make his or her own design.

Slow Flowers Debra Prinzing
Debra shows how to design using chick­en wire as archi­tec­ture in a foot­ed pedestal vase pro­vid­ed by Flower Duet. One of the audi­ence mem­bers took home the com­plet­ed design as a raf­fle gift!

Slow Flow­ers: Four Sea­sons of Local­ly Grown Bou­quets from the Gar­den, Mead­ow, and Farm is an essen­tial addi­tion to your flower design library and would make a great gift for Moth­er’s Day!

Pur­chase from your local book­seller or on

Video: Bundle and Place your Flowers

Each month we try to bring you a video we’ve pro­duced or appeared in and this month we are revis­it­ing a video Casey did on pub­lic tele­vi­sion’s Cre­ative Liv­ing with Sheryl Bor­den. This is her third sea­son on the show.

For the Moth­er’s Day fea­ture arti­cle above, Kit explains how she cre­at­ed the designs dur­ing her live flo­ral demon­stra­tion at The Gap at The Grove in Los Ange­les. She used our “Bun­dle and Place” tech­nique which is great in short vas­es with wide open­ing. This is the video that shows how to use this tech­nique for a wide cube vase.

You can also sub­scribe to our YouTube chan­nel: fash­ion­ingflow­ers so you’ll know when we’ve uploaded a new show of our own!

Torrance Bakery holds Wedding Cake Showroom Reception

Tor­rance Bak­ery held a par­ty on April 24, 2013 for wed­ding indus­try pro­fes­sion­als of the South Bay to cel­e­brate the redesign of their Wed­ding Cake Show­room. It was a love­ly event with hot pani­nis, sparkling tea and lus­cious desserts that Kit enjoyed.
Torrance Bakery Wedding Industry Event
Wed­ding indus­try pro­fes­sion­als received the Tor­rance Bak­ery “Blue Car­pet Treat­ment.”
Torrance Bakery Wedding Industry Event - Wedding Cake Showroom Window
The new show­room win­dow fea­tures beau­ti­ful cakes.
Torrance Bakery Wedding Industry Event - Wedding Cake Showroom
There are three wed­ding cake con­sult­ing areas in the show­room. Each bride will feel like a princess dur­ing her tast­ing.
Torrance Bakery Wedding Industry Event - Wedding Cake
This is just one exam­ple of the many beau­ti­ful cakes Tor­rance Bak­ery has to offer.
The revamped Wed­ding Cake show­room of Tor­rance Bak­ery is locat­ed in the heart of Old Tor­rance at 1341 El Pra­do Avenue, Tor­rance, CA 90501. Phone 310–320-2722 for ques­tions or cus­tom cake appoint­ments.

Kit appears at The Grove for GAPKIDS and Diane von Furstenberg

Flower Duet was asked by The Grove Shop­ping Cen­ter in Los Ange­les to cre­ate a flower arrang­ing activ­i­ty for the launch of the Diane von Fursten­berg Explor­ers Col­lec­tion at The GAP on Sat­ur­day, April 27, 2013. Our friend Lau­rie who has helped us with wed­dings in the past, went with Kit to help set up and took these pho­tos.
Kit at The Grove - GapKids
The clothes from the DVF Explor­ers col­lec­tion are too cute. After she fin­ished the demo, Kit bought a time­less DVF wrap dress and cute DVF top for her tod­dler daugh­ter Keely.
Kit at The Grove - DVF
We total­ly agree with this say­ing!

laurie at The Gap
Our friend Lau­rie (in blue above) was there to help set up and take pho­tos of the event. Here is our table before the demo offi­cial­ly start­ed.

Kit at The Grove - Demo Flowers
Kit show­ing cus­tomers a few tips and tricks of the trade.
Kit at The Grove - Bundle and Place
Cus­tomers would drop by for a few min­utes and Kit would explain the trick to design in a low vase. Check out the details in our Moth­er’s Day arti­cle at left.
Kit at The Grove - Final Final Display

Lau­rie cre­at­ed a lit­tle dis­play of the flow­ers with cards and pens for cus­tomers to take after the demo was over.

Book Recommendation

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook: More Than 1,000 Cakes, Centerpieces, Bouquets, Dresses, Decorations, and Ideas for the Perfect Day

If you are a bride, florist or wed­ding plan­ner, this is a great resource book to have to give you ideas on the lat­est trends in wed­ding looks from cakes to invi­ta­tions to the wed­ding flow­ers. We thought the cake sec­tion would be an inspi­ra­tion fol­low­ing the redesign of Tor­rance Bak­ery’s Wed­ding Cake show­room.



Floral Design Tool:

Smithers Oasis Mini-Deco Hold­er / 12 Per Box

Since we are fea­tur­ing wed­ding cakes in this mon­th’s newslet­ter, we thought it would be good to include a tool we some­times use to cre­ate cake top­pers using cut flow­ers. In order to keep our risk of injur­ing a cake to a min­i­mum, we’ll make a cake top­per ahead of time with small deco-hold­ers. Here are our tips to use this tool:

  • Soak deco hold­er in water, then dry off the bot­tom.
  • Cov­er entire hold­er in plas­tic wrap so the foam stays sep­a­rate from any cake.
  • Use small stems of flow­ers to dec­o­rate the top of the cake.
  • Trans­port in a clean box to the recep­tion before very care­ful­ly plac­ing on the cake!

You can fit many stems into one of these and the plas­tic wrap helps hold stems in place. Here is a cake top­per Kit cre­at­ed for a wed­ding cake last sum­mer.

Order from or get at your local whole­sale flo­ral sup­ply com­pa­ny.