Valentine’s Day Heart Flower Tutorial

Valentine's Heart Flower ArrangementYou can cre­ate your own Valentine’s Day Heart that would be a won­der­ful gift for your sweet­heart or a great dec­o­ra­tion idea for a Valentine’s Day party. This would also make a great lit­tle project for your child to make for his or her teacher with your help. You can pur­chase smaller Oasis hearts.

Sup­plies Needed

  • One 8-inch Oasis Flo­ral foam heart with plas­tic base
  • Com­mer­cial flower food
  • Flo­ral shears or flo­ral knife
  • 2 bunches mini pink Carnations

Total Cost: At whole­sale prices, expect to pay about $8 for the foam and about $12 for the 2 bunches of mini pink Carnations.

Step 1: Soak the Valen­tine flo­ral foam heart in warm water treated with flower food.

Oasis Foam Heart Soaked in Water and Flower Food


Step 2: Prep the car­na­tions by con­di­tion­ing them in water and flower food, the “pet” them open by gen­tly brush­ing open the petals to fluff them to be as open as you can make them.

Start with 2 bunches of Mini Pink Carnations


Step 3: Cut each stem of the mini pink Car­na­tions about 2 inches long.

Mini Carnation Stem Length


Step 4: Place each mini pink Car­na­tion stem in rows in the flo­ral foam at equal heights.



Step 5: Con­tinue to cover the entire flo­ral foam heart with mini Carnations.

Covered floral foam in mini Carnations

We hope you enjoyed this mini tuto­r­ial on how to cre­ate a Valentine’s Day Heart using mini Car­na­tions. You could use red car­na­tions or the red & white bi-color car­na­tions, too!

We teach flower arrang­ing at our design stu­dio in the South Bay of Los Ange­les, at The Hunt­ing­ton Library in San Marino, and at The South Coast Botanic Gar­den on the Palos Verdes Penin­sula. Please review our selec­tion of upcom­ing  flower arrang­ing work­shops and classes.

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