We should­n’t lim­it Black His­to­ry in this coun­try to one month every year. We should embrace it every day. Find out who’s going to make his­to­ry. You can look in your neigh­bor­hood and find out where you can locate at florist who’s owned by African Amer­i­cans. One of our favorite flower ven­dors has put togeth­er a fan­tas­tic list fea­tur­ing black-owned flo­ral design firms and florists with their social media handles.

The cur­rent Mayesh Design Star is a won­der­ful design­er named Drew Rios from Rogue & Fox Flo­ral Com­pa­ny who is super tal­ent­ed and has a diver­si­fied busi­ness mod­el. If you haven’t seen her work, I encour­age you to check out all the free videos that she spent post­ing on Insta­gram and through social media posts.

I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to inter­view Drew for an arti­cle for Bloomin’ News and I’m so hap­py to see that she is the cur­rent Mayesh Design Star. I know that you’ll find the same inspi­ra­tion that I do from her.