Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

Flower Meanings

valentine_victorian-heartThroughout the centuries, people have associated flowers with different meanings. We have often associate flowers with love. In England, the Day Lily indicated flirtation, while in China, it symbolized fertility. The first flower mentioned in literature is the flowering water lily. In China, came to mean perfect truth and purity and was associated with Buddha himself.

Popular Modern Wedding Flowers and their Meanings

Freesia = Calm

Peony = Happy Marriage, Secrecy

Rosebud = Beauty & Youth

Tulip = Declare Your Love

White Hyacinth = Young Love

Chrysanthemums = Hope & Truth

Gerber Daisy = Purity

Ranunculus = Charming

White Lily = Purity, Innocence

White Rose = Secrecy

Calla Lily = Regal Beauty

Hydrangea = Perseverance

Roses in Full Bloom = Gratitude

White Carnation = Remembrance


Rose Meanings By Color

BRIDAL/BLUSH = Happiness

BURGANDY = Unconscious Beauty

CORAL = Desire

DAMASK/MAUVE = Freshness


DARK PINK = Thankfulness

GREEN = Calm, Cheerfulness

LAVENDER = Enchantment

ORANGE = Fascination, Enthusiasm

PALE PINK = Grace, Joy

PEACH = Immortality, Modesty, Thanks

PINK = Perfect Happiness, Secret Love

RED = Love, I Love You, Romance
DEEP RED = Bashful, Shame

ROSE LEAF = You may Hope


WHITE = Innocence, Purity, Secrecy

YELLOW = Joy, Jealousy, Friendship

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