Best Online Flower Reference Libraries


Marigolds are grown locally in SoCal and available in mid to late summer.

During our workshops we are often asked about good resources to learn more about what varieties of flowers are available and when they are in season. Here are a few of our favorite online floral libraries we use the most often in our business.

While you may not live near Los Angeles, many of the flower lists here will help you find a new flower to look for in your local market. When we started our business in 1999, there were many varieties of roses and seedpods rarely seen at our local marts, but now, many growers in our own backyard are producing a wide variety of wonderful floral products.

Sierra Flower Finder – This is a wonderful all around resource to find flowers by name, color, seasonal availability and variety.

California Cut Flower Commission  – Find flowers and greenery grown in California for the eco-conscious choice.

Mayesh Flower Library – One of our local go to wholesale vendors with distribution coolers around the country offers a very comprehensive library of American grown flowers and imported flowers. This website also has a great library of how-to videos.

Sun Valley Group – Sun Valley is a large grower in California. Many growers offer a great library of the flowers and greens they produce which is a wonderful reference, too.

Resendiz Brothers – A large Protea grower in San Diego county, their website offers a wonderful photo library of the huge options for Protea, Leucadendron and more! They grow over 33 types of Pincushion Protea and the website shows when each type is in season.

Florabundance – This is a large flower wholesaler in Carpenteria with a wonderful floral library that we use a lot to see what is in season and available.

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