Betty White BookA dear friend of Kit’s, Pat­ty Sul­li­van, was a long-time close friend of Bet­ty White. Pat­ty recent­ly wrote a book of trea­sured mem­o­ries about her 50+ years with Bet­ty and it’s now been pub­lished. Kit has been priv­i­leged to help her with some of the social media and YouTube assign­ments for the book.

Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom: Life Lessons from a Beloved American Treasure

From the Publisher:

Bet­ty White’s award-win­ning career spanned sev­en decades. From the ear­ly days of tele­vi­sion on the game-show cir­cuit to her unfor­get­table roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Gold­en Girls, and Hot in Cleve­land, she was the first lady of tele­vi­sion. With her irrev­er­ent wit and comedic tim­ing, she was a force of nature for­ev­er cher­ished by fans young and old. In Bet­ty White’s Pearls of Wis­dom read­ers will find a more inti­mate look into Bet­ty’s life as told through the eyes of Pat­ty Sul­li­van, her life­long friend, and adopt­ed fam­i­ly mem­ber. “My remem­brances are per­haps an echo of things already said, but I hope my sto­ries hold up a mir­ror, anoth­er reflec­tion of her essence and how she affect­ed my life so pro­found­ly.” Pat­ty met Bet­ty in the late 1960s, and the Sullivans—Patty, her hus­band, Tom, and their two children—enjoyed a rich rela­tion­ship and amaz­ing close­ness through Bet­ty’s final days. Through her sto­ries we see Bet­ty’s fun-lov­ing ban­ter over a game of Scrab­ble, her wis­dom impart­ed on a moon­lit Christ­mas sleigh ride, and her pas­sion­ate advo­ca­cy for all mem­bers of the ani­mal king­dom. Bet­ty’s uncom­pro­mis­ing val­ues were the authen­tic core of the life she lived and savored—tasting every minute along the way. Bet­ty White’s Pearls of Wis­dom gives you a glimpse into the per­son­al rela­tion­ship with “her Sul­li­vans,” and the pearls of wis­dom she impart­ed that for­ev­er trans­formed their lives.
Last year, on Decem­ber 31, 2021, Bet­ty White passed away just a few weeks shy of her 100th birth­day. In Jan­u­ary, her dear friends said good­bye dur­ing an inti­mate lunch at the home of Pat­ty and Tom. Kit was hon­ored to design flow­ers for the event.
Bet­ty loved orchids and hum­ming­birds and Kit’s friend want­ed to hon­or her mem­o­ry at the lun­cheon with gold­en flow­ers and minia­ture gold hum­ming­birds. Here are the designs Kit made in hon­or of Bet­ty. If you are a fan of Bet­ty, the book is a won­der­ful col­lec­tion of fan­tas­tic obser­va­tions and lessons we should all fol­low in life. It tru­ly is a love let­ter to Bet­ty from her dear friend, Patty.
Golden Flowers for Betty White

Gold­en Flow­ers for Bet­ty. Flow­ers and Pho­to by Kit Wertz of Flower Duet


Gold Flowers and Orchids

Cof­fee Table Flow­ers for Bet­ty. Flow­ers and Pho­to by Kit Wertz of Flower Duet


Gold flowers on the fireplace mantel

Man­tel gold­en twin gold flo­ral designs for Bet­ty. Flow­ers and Pho­to by Kit Wertz of Flower Duet


Golden Flowers

Hall flow­ers for Bet­ty. Flow­ers and Pho­to by Kit Wertz of Flower Duet