How To Choose the Best Flowers For Boutonnières & Corsages

Roses, Succulents & Greenery Are Great Choices for Personal Flowers

Flower Duet Boutonniere on Groom when he greets his bride for first time on Wedding Day

A Flower Duet Groom when he greets his bride for first time on Wedding Day.

Boutonnières and corsages fall under the category of “Personal Flowers” since they are worn on your person. In order to cut down on the bulk of flower stems, we remove most of the stem of a flower and then replace it with wire and floral tape to create a boutonnière or corsage. Personal Flowers are the ones you give to those who are representing you at your wedding including friends who are standing up for you, parents, grandparents, readers or ushers. Of course, grooms usually wears a little something extra special to set him apart.

 Rules for When to Wire Flowers

  • Only wire a flower if it can’t be used satisfactorily without it.
  • Wire flowers to support weakened stems.
  • Wire to hold flowers and foliage in a desired position.
  • Replace flower stems on corsages so the corsage stem is not bulky.
  • Use wire to add accessories to corsages and arrangements.
  • Use the best boutonnière flowers for wiring. These are flowers that do well out of water.

What are the Best Boutonnière Flowers?

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids are classic and hardy choices for boutonnières flowers. By Flower Duet.

These days in wedding design, anything can be used as the focal feature of a boutonnière. The star feature on someone’s dress, lapel, vest or suspender is not always a flower. Sometimes it can be feathers or succulents or a collection of buttons artfully placed. What follows is a list of flowers and greenery that are great choices for any type of personal flower that will be worn and need to stay fresh looking out of water.

Common Flowers:

  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Cym­bid­ium Orchids
  • Mini Calla Lily
  • Standard Roses
  • Spray Roses

Unusual Flower & Plant Choices:

Billy Ball Boutonnières

These round yellow flowers are called Craspedia or “Billy Balls” and make perfect little boutonnières. By Flower Duet.

  • Bru­nia Berries
  • Berzil­lia Berries
  • Cras­pe­dia (Billy Balls)
  • Hyper­icum Berries
  • Sea Holly
  • Scabiosa Pods
  • Suc­cu­lents


Accent Flowers:

Baby's Breath Boutonniere

Baby’s Breath is now taking center stage in bouquets, centerpieces, garland and boutonnieres.

  • Baby’s Breath
  • Misty Blue
  • Solidago
  • Wax Flower


  • Camellia Leaves
  • Italian Rus­cus
  • Ivy
  • Seeded Euca­lyp­tus

We show you what tools you’ll need to create a boutonniere and how to make one. Check out our how to wire flowers instructions along with a how to wire flowers  video that demonstrates the technique.


  1. Thanks for this very helpful article! I’m writing about wedding flowers today so adding this kind of information ia a good idea. 😉

    More power!


  2. Emme

    Hi! I am preparing for my senior prom and we are looking to save money this year. Prom is very pricey and I was wanting to save $40 or so on a corsage and boutonnière. My dress is purple and white and was wondering which flowers would be best?

    • Hi Emme, Purple and white Dendrobium orchids would work well and you could just buy one stem to make both the boutonniere and the corsage. These are considered a bi-color flower, so you get both colors in one. If that color clashes with your dress, then it’s best to go neutral with white flowers and greenery. You could also use a succulent bloom to look modern. Good luck! – Kit

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