Covid-19 Updates for April 23, 2022

We con­tin­ue to mon­i­tor all alerts regard­ing cur­rent out­break of the Nov­el Coro­n­avirus (COVID-19) and its variants.

Are employ­ees of Flower Duet vaccinated?

Own­ers Casey Schwartz and Kit Wertz are vac­ci­nat­ed and dou­ble boost­ed against the Covid-19 virus.

Our team­mates who work on instal­la­tions and flower deliv­er­ies with us are also vaccinated.

Will Flower Duet con­tin­ue to oper­ate normally?

EVENTS: We are tak­ing reser­va­tions for events. If you have an event booked with Flower Duet and have con­cerns about post­pon­ing or can­celling, please con­tact us direct­ly at 310–792-4868 or email Casey at

PHOTOSHOOTS: We are tak­ing orders for pho­to shoots. If you are a venue, plan­ner or mar­ket­ing firm, please con­tact us direct­ly at 310–792-4868 or email Casey at

DELIVERIES: When we deliv­er flow­ers, we have min­i­mal con­tact. We place flow­ers on the doorstep, ring the bell and step away.

FLOWER ORDER PICKUPYou can order flow­ers through our our shop­ping site: and pick them up at our stu­dio for “curb­side deliv­ery.” Our lot is full of free park­ing! Easy in…easy out with flowers!

TOURS of the Los Ange­les Flo­ral Dis­trict: All Flower Duet GROUP tours of the LA Flower Mar­ket are still on hold, but you can still go and shop for flowers!

WORKSHOPS: You can elect for an in-per­son flo­ral design class at our stu­dio and with mask man­dates as per LA Coun­ty Health require­ments or take the class at your home with our online plat­form. We pro­vide the flow­ers, vase, cut­ters and all the instruction.…whether you are with us in per­son or at home. If you are feel­ing sick, do not come to class.

What is Flower Duet doing dif­fer­ent­ly in its stu­dio to help pre­vent the spread of Coronavirus?

While we are tak­ing flower orders and meet­ing via email or phone calls and Zoom con­fer­ence. We are wip­ing down tables, fre­quent­ly touched sur­faces and the vas­es we use for deliv­er­ies with san­i­tiz­ing wipes more often than we nor­mal­ly would do. Any­one with symp­toms of ill­ness will not be per­mit­ted to enter the stu­dio. We wear masks for pick­ups, instal­la­tions, drop-offs and dur­ing classes.

Can I still book events with Flower Duet for the future?

Yes! Flower Duet is tak­ing future book­ing inquiries. We are offer­ing our Free Wed­ding Quotes, cor­po­rate event orders for future dates,  hold­ing online flo­ral design class­es and plan­ning future events with clients. We can meet vir­tu­al­ly and chat on the phone, too.

What should I do if I have reser­va­tions for a class at Flower Duet but I feel ill and need to stay at home?

You should con­tact Flower Duet’s stu­dio as soon as pos­si­ble at 310–792-4968 or by email­ing to dis­cuss options for your pur­chased class reser­va­tion tickets.

Do I need to wear a face­mask in public?

As of 3–12-22 — Masks are still required in some set­tings and strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed in oth­ers.  If you are not vac­ci­nat­ed, we pre­fer you wear a mask in our studio.

Nov­el Coro­n­avirus Information

LA Coun­ty cre­at­ed a web­site to address all of the COVID-19 Ques­tions. You can access that here:

LA Coun­ty Health Depart­ment COVID updates