Easter Flower Basket

Take this interesting idea for your next Easter flower arrangement. Add new potatoes in yellow and pink to mimic the look of eggs in the basket along with the fresh flowers.

I poked bamboo skewers into the potatoes and added them to the design instead of flowers. For this monochromatic design in floral foam, I used tall snapdragons, pink roses and pink alstroemeria.  I put the soaked foral foam in a water tight container that would fit inside the basket, but not show.

You could use this same idea for St. Patrick’s day – since potatoes are usually on the menu! Just substitute Bells of Ireland for the snapdragon and instead of pink, use  green roses and white alstroemeria.

Since these potatoes are near floral foam, I would  not recommend eating them when the arrangement is done. Just enjoy them for the unique look they provide.

Happy Spring!

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