Anemone coro­nar­ia, Anemone xhybri­da

What’s not to love about this per­fect pur­ple anemone?

Avail­abil­i­ty: Main­ly mid-win­ter through spring

Typ­i­cal vase life: 4–7 days

Stem length: 30 cm

Num­ber of stems per bunch: Vari­able

Col­or range: White, red, rose-pink to magen­ta, laven­der to pur­ple, blue (most have a black cen­ter; some have a yel­low-green cen­ter)

Buy­ing tips: Petals should have start­ed to sep­a­rate from the cen­ter, but not have total­ly opened flat. Leaves should be glossy green. Avoid bunch­es with over­ly twist­ed stems.

Care and han­dling: After con­di­tion­ing, do not hold for more than 2 days. Flow­ers will close up when refrig­er­at­ed. The flower heads will bend towards light, so ensure light­ing is even. If they are bent, wrap them in wet paper and place in a cool dark spot in the water.

Spe­cial notes:

  • Very sen­si­tive to eth­yl­ene.
  • Not suit­able for use in flo­ral foam.
  • Some­times Anemone and Ranun­cu­lus are con­fused. Ranun­cu­lus are full-cen­tred blooms with many petals. Anemone is open and flat and gen­er­al­ly, have a black cen­ter.
  • Very pop­u­lar for cot­tage-style posies des­tined for vas­es and hand-tied bou­quets.