China Aster

China AsterAvail­abil­i­ty: Sum­mer to late fall.

Colour range: Yel­low, apri­cot, scar­let, rose-red, pink, salmon-pink, soft pink, crim­son, mauve, pur­ple, blue

Typ­i­cal vase life: 6–10 days

Stem length: 30–60 cm depend­ing on the sea­son and grow­ing con­di­tions

Num­ber of stems per bunch: Vari­able

Buy­ing tips: Buy when more than 30% of the flow­ers are open. The flow­ers must be open when picked. Check for clean, straight stems, with­out brown or dry flow­ers or yel­low leaves.

Care and han­dling: Recut stems and remove the bot­tom leaves, as flower food can dam­age the foliage. Remove plas­tic sleeves to avoid black­en­ing of foliage.

Spe­cial notes: Mod­ern hybrids are avail­able with stronger, longer stems and more com­pact flow­ers. These may also be less prone to leaf yel­low­ing.

Design uses in floristry: Tran­si­tion­al and focal flow­ers, most suit­able for mixed bunch­es and arrange­ments.