Flower Party-in-a-Box

Flower Party In A Box

Share the joy of flower arranging with your friends by hosting your own Flower Arranging party. Order your custom party online, call us 310-792-4968 or email us to order your own custom Flower Party.

Each Flower Party In-A-Box includes:

  • How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet (How to Create a Hand-Tied Bouquet) DVD to watch with your guests and get to work on your own designs.
  • Three Flower Recipes for each design on the DVD – nine recipes in all.
  • Floral cutters for each guest to use and take home. These are our favorite we use for every class & workshop.
  • To-go vases that are reusable and lightweight.
  • Floral design tip sheets.
  • And, one free email consultation on where to buy your flowers for your party and what to buy!

Party Ideas: All you and each guest supply are two to three bunches of flowers or about 30 stems to make this design. You can choose to charge each guest a fee and to bring their own flowers or just host the entire party and give out the cutters, vases and tip sheets as party favors. We like to encourage our customers and clients to have flower parties as a fun alternative get-together idea, for birthdays, for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or fund raisers.

Party Prep: Instruct each guest to bring their own flowers. Review the recipe ideas before the party and offer suggestions to your guests about what to buy for the party and where to buy the flowers. As part of our Flower Party In-A-Box package, we offer an email consultation on where to buy fresh flowers in your area.

Save Money: For less than $26 per guest plus the cost of flowers, you and your friends will learn a new skill and have fun at the same time. For about 30 stems of flowers, expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $30 depending on what you choose. Three mixed bunches of flowers from the grocery store can be a great choice when you are just starting to learn. Or choose a dozen roses, a bunch of filler flowers like alstroemeria and then perhaps some mums to round out your bouquet. We would charge over $100 per person for a class that included the instruction you get from the DVD, tips sheets, flowers, cutters and vases, so your students are saving almost 50% off our normal class fee!

Choose the number of guests for your party:

Complete Flower Party for Hostess only – $37.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 1 cutter, tips sheet and 1 vase.Add to Cart

Party for 2: Hostess + 1 guest – $59.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 2 cutters, tips sheet and 2 vases. Add to Cart

Party for 3: Hostess + 2 guests – $82.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 3 cutters, tips sheet and 3 vases. Add to Cart

Party for 4: Hostess + 3 guests – $105.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 4 cutters, tips sheet and 4 vases. Add to Cart

Party for 5: Hostess + 4 guests – $128.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 5 cutters, tips sheet and 5 vases. Add to Cart

Party for 6: Hostess + 5 guests – $151.95 (plus shipping). Includes one DVD, 6 cutters, tips sheet and 6 vases. Add to Cart

Build Your Own Flower Party

Maybe you just want the DVD and floral cutters and no vases – or maybe just the DVD and the tip sheets.
Call us to customize your party at 310-792-4968 or email us.