Flower Party In A Box

Share the joy of flower arrang­ing with your friends by host­ing your own Flower Arrang­ing par­ty. Order your cus­tom par­ty online, call us 310–792-4968 or email us to order your own cus­tom Flower Party.

Each Flower Party In-A-Box includes:

  • How to Cre­ate a Euro­pean Wrap Bou­quet (How to Cre­ate a Hand-Tied Bou­quet) DVD to watch with your guests and get to work on your own designs.
  • Three Flower Recipes for each design on the DVD — nine recipes in all.
  • Flo­ral cut­ters for each guest to use and take home. These are our favorite we use for every class & workshop.
  • To-go vas­es that are reusable and lightweight.
  • Flo­ral design tip sheets.
  • And, one free email con­sul­ta­tion on where to buy your flow­ers for your par­ty and what to buy!

Par­ty Ideas: All you and each guest sup­ply are two to three bunch­es of flow­ers or about 30 stems to make this design. You can choose to charge each guest a fee and to bring their own flow­ers or just host the entire par­ty and give out the cut­ters, vas­es and tip sheets as par­ty favors. We like to encour­age our cus­tomers and clients to have flower par­ties as a fun alter­na­tive get-togeth­er idea, for birth­days, for bridal show­ers, bach­e­lorette par­ties, or fund raisers.

Par­ty Prep: Instruct each guest to bring their own flow­ers. Review the recipe ideas before the par­ty and offer sug­ges­tions to your guests about what to buy for the par­ty and where to buy the flow­ers. As part of our Flower Par­ty In-A-Box pack­age, we offer an email con­sul­ta­tion on where to buy fresh flow­ers in your area.

Save Mon­ey: For less than $26 per guest plus the cost of flow­ers, you and your friends will learn a new skill and have fun at the same time. For about 30 stems of flow­ers, expect to pay any­where between $10 and $30 depend­ing on what you choose. Three mixed bunch­es of flow­ers from the gro­cery store can be a great choice when you are just start­ing to learn. Or choose a dozen ros­es, a bunch of filler flow­ers like alstroe­me­ria and then per­haps some mums to round out your bou­quet. We would charge over $100 per per­son for a class that includ­ed the instruc­tion you get from the DVD, tips sheets, flow­ers, cut­ters and vas­es, so your stu­dents are sav­ing almost 50% off our nor­mal class fee!

Choose the number of guests for your party:

Com­plete Flower Par­ty for Host­ess only — $37.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 1 cut­ter, tips sheet and 1 vase.Add to Cart

Par­ty for 2: Host­ess + 1 guest — $59.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 2 cut­ters, tips sheet and 2 vases. Add to Cart

Par­ty for 3: Host­ess + 2 guests — $82.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 3 cut­ters, tips sheet and 3 vases. Add to Cart

Par­ty for 4: Host­ess + 3 guests — $105.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 4 cut­ters, tips sheet and 4 vases. Add to Cart

Par­ty for 5: Host­ess + 4 guests — $128.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 5 cut­ters, tips sheet and 5 vases. Add to Cart

Par­ty for 6: Host­ess + 5 guests — $151.95 (plus ship­ping). Includes one DVD, 6 cut­ters, tips sheet and 6 vases. Add to Cart

Build Your Own Flower Party

Maybe you just want the DVD and flo­ral cut­ters and no vas­es — or maybe just the DVD and the tip sheets.
Call us to cus­tomize your par­ty at 310–792-4968 or email us.