Floral Instruction DVD Series — How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet

Gift Guide for Flower Lovers: DVD from Flower Duet.

Hand-Tied Bou­quet DVD from flowerduet.com

Flower Arranging DVD — Easy, Fun and Affordable!

Our easy-to-fol­low instruc­tion­al series is per­fect for begin­ners and will give you the con­fi­dence to be cre­ative with flow­ers avail­able dai­ly at your local gro­cery or farm­ers’ market.

  • Per­fect as a gift anytime!
  • Life-saver for brides on a bud­get who want to cre­ate their own wed­ding flowers
  • The Solu­tion for what to do with those flow­ers you buy every week at the gro­cery store — but don’t know how to make them look “cool”

Cost: $29.95 (Usu­al­ly ships with­in 24 hours)

For­mat: DVD

Run­ning Time: 29 min­utes

What this flower arranging how-to DVD includes:

First, the sis­ter team of Flower Duet, Casey and Kit, take you on loca­tion to their favorite whole­sale flower ven­dor and show you how to choose only the fresh­est flow­ers which is just like they do for all their clients in per­son! Then, we take you back to the design stu­dio where we show you how pro­fes­sion­al florists pre­pare flow­ers to opti­mize their vase life.

In addi­tion to tips on col­or and flower choice, we teach you the eas­i­est and most adapt­able way to cre­ate a hand-tied bou­quet, also know as a Euro­pean wrap bou­quet using three dif­fer­ent sets of flowers.

You’ll also receive flower recipes for nine dif­fer­ent bouquets!