Finish With Flowers

A New Perspective on Floral Design from Flower Duet

Top Ways to Finish Your Event With Flowers

video-play-4-xxlVideo Floral Tips from a New Point of View

Flower Duet is pleased to announce a new video series where we’ll be showing you how to #FinishWithFlowers with an inside view of the world of professional floral event styling.

We’ll take you on location and behind-the-scenes to show you what happens before, during and after a floral styling job.

While your watching, you learn new tips and techniques from the floral designing sisters of Flower Duet, Casey Coleman Schwartz and Kit Wertz.

So, stay tuned and watch! We’ll post new videos as we go on new floral adventures. Join us!

Buttonholes to Bout: How to Pin a Boutonniere so it Stays in Place!

Stay tuned for more videos each week!