Exciting New Vase and Container Styles

by Kit Wertz

New Mercury Glass Vases

Pho­to by: Kit Wertz

From mer­cury glass to milk glass, there are a pletho­ra of new vase and con­tain­er styles avail­able at our local whole­sale flo­ral sup­pli­ers on Wall Street and beyond. Casey and I walked into GM Flo­ral a few weeks ago and fell in love with these antique-look­ing mer­cury glass gob­lets. As we explored this flo­ral sup­ply won­der­land fur­ther, we saw many more new vase styles includ­ing some repro­duc­tion ver­sions of the clas­sic Venet­ian milk glass. Below are some of the ones that caught my eye, but you should take a trip down­town to Flo­ral Sup­ply Syn­di­cate, GM Flo­ral, Shi­ba­ta and Moskatel’s to see all the new con­tain­ers for the year!

Milk Glass

Milk glass is an opaque milky white or col­ored glass, blown or pressed into a wide vari­ety of shapes. First made in Venice in the 16th cen­tu­ry, col­ors include blue, pink, yel­low, brown, black, and the white that led to its pop­u­lar name. Cur­rent­ly, you can pur­chase a new ver­sion of milk-inspired glass from GM Flo­ral Sup­ply. The vas­es pic­tured in this pho­to are by two dif­fer­ent man­u­fac­tur­ers. Some of the vas­es have a cool­er, blue-tone look to them while the oth­ers are a warmer white. If you plan on mix­ing and match­ing these vas­es, keep in mind the differences.

Milk Glass Vases

Pic­tured above is a love­ly col­lec­tion of Milk Glass Vas­es from GM Flo­ral Sup­ply. Pho­to by: Kit Wertz

Rustic & Metallic Vase Options

There are so many dif­fer­ent options for a more rus­tic look to your vas­es and con­tain­ers from burlap cov­ered glass cylin­ders to some of the types shown below. Rus­tic is still a very pop­u­lar theme for wed­dings and par­ties and many of these would be great options. I also real­ly love the metal­lic mosa­ic vase I found at GM Flo­ral Sup­ply below. It’s made from small mir­rored pieces of glass attached to a mint-julep cup type of vase. This vase is sharp though, so you have to be care­ful when han­dling these types of vases.

Rustic Containers

Above is a love­ly col­lec­tion of rus­tic-inspired vas­es from the low met­al buck­et with burlap han­dles, to a dis­tressed blue ceram­ic square to can­ning jars in dif­fer­ent col­ors like this one in blue. I’ve seen mason jars in pink, green, yel­low and blue. All con­tain­ers above except for the mason jar are avail­able at GM Flo­ral Sup­ply. Col­ored mason jars can be found at Shi­ba­ta Flo­ral Com­pa­ny down­town on Wall Street in the flower dis­trict. Pho­tos by: Kit Wertz

Colorful Containers

Plas­tic is a great option for reusable vas­es. It is water­tight, does­n’t break and can be reused for a long time. Here are a few ideas from FSS and The Con­tain­er Store.

Large Plastic Cupcake Vases

Pic­tured above is a love­ly col­lec­tion of col­or­ful cup­cake Lin­er-inspired con­tain­ers that I found at The Con­tain­er Store.These are actu­al­ly pret­ty large com­pared to a nor­mal cup­cake size but give a very fes­tive feel. Actu­al­ly designed to hold par­ty favors or can­dies, these could eas­i­ly be used to hold lit­tle flo­ral dis­plays for a cen­ter­piece or buf­fet table. Pho­to by: Kit Wertz

Easter Baskets

Col­or­ful bas­kets can make a design pop. Put some pink ros­es in a pink bas­ket and the flow­ers real­ly jump out at you. Pho­to by: Kit Wertz

Yellow Vase

There is a love­ly col­lec­tion of all dif­fer­ent col­ors, shapes and sizes of these heavy-duty water­tight plas­tic con­tain­ers like this from FSS.com. Pho­to by: Kit Wertz

Flower Duet Interviewed by Expressionary Events

by Flower Duet

We real­ly enjoyed a great oppor­tu­ni­ty with Car­men Fuentes, Wed­ding Plan­ner and design­er of Expres­sion­ary Events, who came to inter­view us at our stu­dio ear­li­er this month. We enjoyed our time togeth­er and this video is a great intro­duc­tion to our How-To video we have avail­able for sale. You can learn how to make your own hand-tied bou­quet like we make in this video.

Floral Design Student Stories: In the Pink Weddings & Events

by Flower Duet

Each month this year we will fea­ture our amaz­ing, tal­ent­ed flo­ral design stu­dents and how their rela­tion­ship with flow­ers has changed since tak­ing a work­shop or two with Flower Duet. Come to one of our flo­ral design work­shops and you can share your sto­ry with everyone!

A beautiful bouquet from a student of Flower Duet.

A for­mer stu­dent who is also a wed­ding and event plan­ner made this gor­geous art-inspired flo­ral design for her son’s preschool fundrais­er. It was an art-themed event, hence the paint can as a vase, and a rain­bow is in the school logo.

As an event plan­ner, the abil­i­ty to fix dam­aged arrange­ments or cre­ate a bou­ton­niere on the fly seemed like an impor­tant skill to have. After tak­ing sev­er­al class­es with Casey, I’ve learned how to do that and so much more. One of the most use­ful lessons has been the grid tech­nique. I’ve been mak­ing the cen­ter­pieces for my son’s school fundrais­er for the past cou­ple of years, and the bud­get is very small. Using this tech­nique, I was able to cre­ate gor­geous arrange­ments that fit with­in our tight bud­get, because of the mon­ey the grid saves. This arrange­ment used only 21 ros­es, and includ­ing the tape and paint can con­tain­er that com­ple­ment­ed the artist focused event, the cen­ter­piece was just under $20. A florist would have charged 3–4 times that, which we could nev­er have afforded.”

- Stacey Wynne Stew­art, Cer­ti­fied Wed­ding Consultant/Owner, In The Pink Wed­dings & Events

A beautiful bouquet from a student of Flower Duet.

An aer­i­al view of Stacey’s art-inspired cen­ter­piece using the “grid” tech­nique to anchor the roses.

Spring Color Trends for Easter and Mother’s Day

by Kit Wertz

I was hon­ored to write an arti­cle for Bloomin’ News for the April 2014 issue. The edi­tor of the pub­li­ca­tion of the Orig­i­nal Los Ange­les Flower Mar­ket, Peg­gi Ridge­way, was gra­cious enough to allow me to choose a top­ic to write about and so I choose spring col­or trends. Fash­ion for spring is full of the usu­al love­ly pas­tels but also includes bold state­ments in the form of dark pur­ples and calm­ing neu­trals like Sand and Palo­ma Gray. Check out my full arti­cle in the mag­a­zine when you go to the flower mar­ket this month or check it out in a PDF down­load. If you live in the Los Ange­les area, be sure to become a sub­scriber to this great pub­li­ca­tion about your local flower vendors.

2014 Spring Color Trends

This design uses a few col­ors from Pan­tone’s Spring Fash­ion Col­or Palette for 2014. Pho­to by: Kit Wertz | Flo­ral Design by: Flower Duet

Carlsbad Flower Fields Now Featuring Weddings

by Casey Schwartz

Bold col­ors, inter­est­ing tex­tures and Carls­bad, Cal­i­for­nia all point to one thing at this time of year: Spring Break at LEGOLAND. Ha, I’m just kid­ding. I am actu­al­ly refer­ring to the Flower Fields. Rows and rows of the Tecolote beau­ties we know as Ranun­cu­lus are in a good ear­ly bloom with more flow­ers com­ing into bloom every day. Full blooms will be in a cou­ple of weeks. March to mid-May is the time to vis­it this amaz­ing vista, pro­vid­ing joy to the eyes and as we shared in our last newslet­ter, happiness.

How is it that they are doing so well with the cur­rent water con­di­tion? A few years ago they switched to a drip irri­ga­tion sys­tem, so the water goes where it is need­ed, plus they can use and do use reclaimed water from the City of Carls­bad. So head to the fields and enjoy 15% more flow­ers than ever before due to their redesign of the fields last year.

We are head­ing there in two weeks to see the blooms that cov­er the land­scape so close to each oth­er in North San Diego Coun­try. We will be sure to post some fun pic­tures of our adventures.

If you have not booked your wed­ding for this spring and decide that an open field sur­round­ed by acres of flow­ers is what you want…look no fur­ther. Here is a link to wed­dings at The Flower Fields to answer your ques­tions about doing just that. Invite 200 guests and enjoy all the area has to offer. There is a love­ly hotel for all your guests at the top of the hill over­look­ing the field.

Flower Fields Weddings

The Flower Fields in Carls­bad, Cal­i­for­nia are now offer­ing tem­po­rary wed­ding venues. Image from The Flower Fields

David Austin Roses

by Kit Wertz

David Austin, a lux­u­ry cut rose com­pa­ny, announced their new cut flower web­site last month. They said it’s the com­plete source of every­thing you need to know about David Austin’s cut ros­es. On the site, you can locate your local whole­saler, vis­it their new blog and inspi­ra­tion guide and order brochures includ­ing their exclu­sive book of wed­ding gar­den ros­es. You can also learn about cut gar­den rose care and han­dling.

David Austin His­to­ry Sir David Austin began breed­ing climb­ing and shrub gar­den ros­es in the ear­ly 1960s and want­ed to bring the same love­ly ros­es to the com­mer­cial cut rose mar­ket. The breed­ing pro­gram for David Austin’s lux­u­ry cut ros­es began over 15 years ago and was ded­i­cat­ed to bring­ing the beau­ty of gar­den ros­es to the com­mer­cial cut flo­ral mar­ket. The David Austin com­pa­ny devel­oped the require­ments for dura­bil­i­ty of trans­port, long vase life and was able to retain the “fra­grance and charis­ma of the beau­ti­ful ros­es.” In 2008, David Austin intro­duced its lux­u­ry cut gar­den ros­es to the Unit­ed States a year after doing so to the Euro­pean market.

Flowers with David Austin width=

New Gar­den Rose web­site resource from David Austin. Pho­to by: Miki&Sonja Pho­tog­ra­phy | Flo­ral Design by: Flower Duet

Here are a few tips on the web­site that will help you work with del­i­cate cut gar­den roses:

  • David Austin’s gar­den ros­es are cut at a slight­ly lat­er stage than ordi­nary ros­es, allow­ing them to ripen for longer on the plant.
  • Deliv­ered as large, slight­ly open buds, the ros­es con­tin­ue to open over sev­er­al days to reveal their beau­ti­ful, full, cupped and rosette forms.
  • The short­er you cut the stems, the more quick­ly the blooms will open. Short­er stems also tend to max­i­mize the size of the bloom.
  • Choose the per­fect place for your vase of David Austin cut ros­es. The warmer the room, the short­er the vase life will be. For longest life, place the ros­es in a cool place, but away from strong drafts from air con­di­tion­ing units. Avoid putting the ros­es close to sources of heat such as radi­a­tors or direct sunlight.

Source: davidaustinrosesusa.com.

Book Review: Art of Flower Arranging: A Garden Club of America Book

The Fine Art of Flower ArrangingThis book was rec­om­mend­ed by Doris, one of our long-time stu­dents so we know it must be a good resource! Casey looked through it dur­ing a pri­vate les­son she was teach­ing to Doris at our stu­dio last week and thought it had some amaz­ing arrangements.

From Ama­zon: “In this vol­ume 170 col­or pho­tographs record fash­ion­able as well as tra­di­tion­al and his­tor­i­cal styles of flower arrang­ing. In arrange­ments cre­at­ed for the din­ner table and the liv­ing room, in spec­tac­u­lar designs for com­pe­ti­tion halls and muse­ums and in botan­i­cal sculp­tures for the gar­den, the art of this hob­by is pre­sent­ed. The text reveals how the best arrangers cre­ate their flo­ral mas­ter­pieces and give the read­er how-to advice and inspi­ra­tion to cre­ate their own arrange­ments.” Pub­lished by the Gar­den Club of Amer­i­ca in 2002, this book is still rel­e­vant for today’s flo­ral designer.

Where to find: Amazon.com — Art of Flower Arrang­ing: A Gar­den Club of Amer­i­ca Book.

Floral Design Tool: Floral Kimonos for Brides, Moms-To-Be and You

Flower Bridal Party Kimonos

We know that a lit­tle flo­ral robe is not a kimono, but we thought it would be a fun thing to fea­ture as a flower-inspired piece of cloth­ing that our fans might enjoy whether you are a bride, brides­maid, hos­pi­tal robe, mater­ni­ty robe or just want to have a fun robe for summertime!

You can find these selec­tions eas­i­ly on Etsy.com or make your own using pat­terns. But we think it’s eas­i­est to just order online from the fan­tas­tic hand­craft­ed site, Silk and More on Etsy.com.


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