February 2016 Newsletter – Floral Trends

Issue 70

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Midollino Heart by Kit Wertz

An example of one of four heart designs you can create using Kit’s methods outlined in this month’s The Bloomin’ News published by The Original Los Angeles Flower Mart. Sign up for your digital subscription today!

Last month, The Bloomin’ News published a design article by Kit on how to create heart shapes out of twigs, greenery and wire to accent Valentine’s Day Designs. Kit is the floral design columnist for the Los Angeles floral trade magazine. The Bloomin’ News is published quarterly by the Original Los Angeles Flower Market of the American Florists’ Exchange. It is a floral news magazine for, by and about retail florists, designers, event and wedding planners, suppliers, wholesalers and others in metropolitan Los Angeles and Southern California. Subscriptions are free to those in the California floral industry or a national floral association. Just click here to subscribe to the Bloomin’ News print version, the email announcement of the PDF web posting or both.

Flower Duet Featured Speaker at 2016 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Kit-Wertz-2016-SF-Garden-Show-SpeakerFlower Duet to Appear at 2016 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Kit is a featured speaker at the 2016 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show on March 19th and 20th, 2016 at Noon on the Flower Pavilion Stage. Each day, Kit will show attendees new techniques in how to arrange with flowers! The theme of this year’s show is “Discovery” and Kit’s plan is to help audience members discover new ways to have fun with flowers whether you are a kid or a kid at heart. Here is Kit’s schedule at the Show!

Flowers for All: From Age 7 to 70+ Saturday, March 19, 2016 at Noon 

Flower arranging is a skill that can be discovered by anyone at any age. Kit will reveal the reasons behind ten classic flower arranging design techniques and guidelines such as “cutting stems at a 45 degree angle” and “petting carnations like a kitten. ” During this demonstration, audience members of all ages will learn how to make flowers last a long time in a vase, design flowers with style and have some fun, too!

Successful Floral Design: Discover Two Foolproof Techniques on Sunday, March 20, 2016 at  Noon

Discover two different floral design techniques that are foolproof for any size vase. Using Flower Duet’s reliable “Bundling and Gathering” techniques, Kit will show the audience how to design flowers without the aid of underwater architecture or floral foam. These two reliable techniques will help audience members discover new ways to arrange flowers with ease and confidence in one easy lesson.

Creative Living Television Appearance Scheduled

Will & Sam

Will & Sam will appear with Casey on Creative Living TV!

Flower Duet was asked to return for a fourth season appearance on Creative Living, a national show carried by PBS and hosted by Sheryl Borden. We accepted and this time, Casey is bringing along her two sons who will act as instructors alongside Casey for a few of the segments which will be geared toward kids.

The show is based in Portales, New Mexico. The first three appearances resulted in 15 episodes where Casey showed Sheryl a series of flower arrangements ranging from how to wire flowers for a boutonniere to creating the classic dozen roses in a vase.

We will continue with more information on this exciting trip next month and show some of the fun, new designs the boys and Casey have created.


Casey on Creative Living TV

Casey of Flower Duet (on left) poses with Sheryl Borden, host of Creative Living (on right).

Flower Duet Celebrates Nine Years with The Huntington

Photo by Kit Wertz.

Flower Duet has been teaching floral design classes at The Huntington Library for nine consecutive years.

Flower Duet became guest instructors at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino in June of 2007.

Following our recent class over the weekend which featured citrus, orchids, roses and berries, Casey and I fondly recalled all the classes we’ve taught at this world renowned institution.

The Mission statement of The Huntington is: “Building on Henry E. Huntington’s legacy of renowned collections and botanical gardens that enrich the visitor, The Huntington today encourages research and promotes education in the arts, humanities, and botanical sciences through the growth and preservation of its collections, through the development and support of a community of scholars, and through the display and interpretation of its extraordinary resources to the public.” 

We had the wonderful opportunity to walk around the grounds after our two classes last Saturday with a long-time floral student of ours, Judy Cobb, who recently became a volunteer Docent for The Huntington.

Pinkie and The Blue Boy Flower Workshop at The Huntington Library

Flower Duet’s flowers and tip sheet for our Pinkie & The Blue Boy “Art of Floral Design” workshop. Photo by Kit Wertz.

Judy was our excellent guide who educated us on the newly constructed buildings and gardens, as well as the extensive and rich history of how this Southern California gem was created by Henry E. Huntington. It was wonderful to learn more about every garden, folio, book, painting, plant, flower, furniture and sculpture available to see and research at the institution.

The collection is so vast and the programs so varied to experience that it would take years to see it all.  Enjoy this walk through the past and present in flowers at The Huntington.

First Class – Teaching Greenhouse, June 2007


We taught students how to create a European style hand-tied bouquet in the first “Art of Floral Design” class by Flower Duet at The Huntington in June of 2007.


Casey prepares greenery for our first class at The Huntington in June of 2007. Photo by Kit Wertz.


This photo is still used on The Huntington’s website on its continuing education page! Photo by Kit Wertz.

Still Life, Posies, and the Gardens Floral Designs

Dutch Master Class - Jun 08

We taught students how to recreate a Dutch Floral Master painting in this real “still life” class in June of 2008. Kit Wertz on left. Casey Coleman Schwartz on right.


A snapshot of Casey showing the top of a hand-tied bouquet design in one of many of our classes over the past nine years at The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.

Year of the Dragon Flowers

Kids Year of the Dragon floral design class at The Huntington in 2010. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Casey talks about the principles of a tropical floral design using Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Anthurium and Protea. At The Huntington with Flower Duet. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Tulips are a perennial favorite in all our floral design classes at our own design studio or at The Huntington Library. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Succulent Pumpkin set up last November for our students at The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.


A student in our Succulent Pumpkin class adds finishing touches to his design. Photo by Kit Wertz.


December 2015 – Christmas Trees for the kids class in the foreground. Adult class did white flowers and evergreen boughs with silver accents. Photo by Kit Wertz.

Christmas trees by kids and flowers.

Casey teaches a children’s flower arranging class how to make Christmas trees using leather fern. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Inspired by the Herb Garden, Flower Duet taught an herb wreath class featuring mint, berries, rosemary and lavender. Photo by Kit Wertz.


A boy’s double-decker posy creation from our kids Tussie Mussie class where we taught them the Victorian Language of Flowers. Casey in the background. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Kit shows students a closeup of a step during April 2009 class where the description read like this: “Flower Duet takes its floral design students “Down Under” and shows them how to make a high-style modern flower arrangement with some of the unusual inhabitants of the Huntington’s Australian Garden. Students will have a “g’day” working with flowers such as Protea, Kangaroo Paw and one of the 700 species of the most well known Aussie greenery, Eucalyptus.” Photo by Casey Schwartz.


Succulents are the main feature in this newly installed landscape called The Celebration Garden at The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.


According to our docent guide Judy Cobb, Henry E. Huntington truly loved palm trees. Here is a photo of a very small section of over 200 species of palms to walk around in The Palm Garden on the grounds. Photo by Kit Wertz.


In The Shakespeare garden framed entirely by roses, a bust of Shakespeare commemorates the author of 37 plays, 154 sonnets and two narrative poems—many of them found in early editions in the Library. Flowers that are mentioned in his plays and sonnets can be found in the garden and refreshed as seasons change. Photo by Kit Wertz.


The conservatory is a favorite spot to visit and next to the well-loved Children’s Garden. This building features a Rain Forest, Cloud Forest, Carnivorous Plant Bog and Plant Lab. Don’t forget to see all the flowering orchids. Our regular classroom is part of this structure inside the Head House. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Flower Duet provides all the tools and supplies for each class including the vase and flowers. Here is the setup for our citrus and orchid class last weekend. Photo by Kit Wertz.


A child in this year’s Chinese New Year inspired class last Saturday. We created floral jungles and then hung a little felt Monkey in the tree tops made from Dianthus stems. Happy Year of the Monkey! Photo by Kit Wertz.


Cherry trees are blooming on January 30, 2016 at the entrance to the Chinese Garden just outside our classroom on the grounds of The Huntington Library. Photo by Kit Wertz..


A collection of fallen Camellia blooms collected and placed at one of the many information tables located throughout the grounds of The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.


We will head into the woods with our next Adult Floral Design class at The Huntington when the theme will be Woodlands! We will use moss, branches, ferns and succulents in our woodsy designs! Class at 10 a.m. on April 2, 2016. Sign up through The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.


Kids will get in on the Woodlands action by creating floral terrariums at our next class at The Huntington. Class at 1 p.m. on April 2, 2016. Sign up through The Huntington. Photo by Kit Wertz.

Styling Class at South Coast Botanic Garden – March 2, 2016

Spring Floral Styling Class

Flower Duet will show how to create lush floral garlands for arches and show how to attach them during the March 2nd 2016 Floral Styling Class at the South Coast Botanic Garden.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 – 10 a.m. to Noon

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look into event styling, students will be hands-on to set up a spring-themed floral display with accompanying decor on the Upper Meadow. Students will learn about techniques for making floral garlands and keeping them fresh as well as how to attach to existing structures with ease. Students will also receive tips and tricks on current spring color and event decorating trends. Please contact Guest Services to reserve this class.

The South Coast Botanic Garden
26300 Crenshaw Boulevard
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

Class Description:

$75 members/$85 non-members

More info under Programs and Events at The South Coast Botanic Garden website.
Register with Guest Services: 310-544-1948.

Flower Book: David Stark: The Art of the Party

dst215coverbFrom an expert event planner comes an excellent book called David Stark: The Art of the Party on how to create a cohesive and stylish event for any occasion. From Amazon.com: “Renowned event planner David Stark reveals whimsical, artistic, unexpected designs often created from sustainable, industrial, or low-cost materials to inspire readers—whether planning a wedding, dinner party, or holiday gathering—looking for ideas for their own events.

Twenty-five of David Stark’s events are featured—both private celebrations and charitable galas— and showcase how he developed the inspiration for the overarching theme, color palette, and the thoughtful, coordinated details he’s known for, and which truly make an event memorable.”

Learn from the best of the best with this book. The photos of all the flowers are fabulous and truly inspirational!

Flower Tool: Vase Transport Boxes

Transport Box for FlowersWe often rely on reusable vase transport boxes for moving floral designs around the city and for offering to our students so they can easily bring their designs home with them after class.

There are two types of boxes that fold down easily when not in use and can be popped up to support a variety of vases.

Corrugated delivery box from FSS.com.

Floral Vase delivery boxes come in two sizes at FSS.com.

When you need to move a floral design from point A to point B, it’s best to keep it on the floor behind the passenger seat in the main compartment of your car. Most trunks are not tall enough and can be too hot.  Use a transport box to offer extra support.

If the arrangement is tall, you may want to add some support around the box in the form of beach towels which soak up any splashes of water from the vase.

To purchase: Most wholesale vendors in the downtown flower mart district of Los Angeles offer these boxes. You can also order them online from wholesale vendors. Search for “vase transport boxes.”

Some manufacturers and sellers of floral transport boxes include: VaseValet.com, JetramInc.com, and FSS.com.