June 2016 Newsletter

Floral Trends - Volume 74

Flower Industry Podcast, Slow Flowers, Features Flower Duet

Debra Prinzing and Flower Duet

Casey & Kit of Flower Duet with Debra Prinzing (middle) in 2013 when we hosted her at our studio for her book tour. She interview us in April of this year for her weekly flower podcast.

If you are a fan of radio podcasts and a flower enthusiast, then you will want to subscribe to the Slow Flowers podcast by Debra Prinzing. You’ll find a recent podcast where she interviewed us for almost an hour.



Please listen, and you will hear how we started in the floral business and learn about our philosophy of working together in a business composed entirely of flowers and why we love it.

Download to your phone or tablet and listen at the gym or while you are arranging flowers. Debra is a great journalist and interviewer and you’ll enjoy all of her 200+ podcasts she’s created on her site!

Styled Wedding Photo Shoot at Redondo Beach Hotel

We are often asked to create flowers for a styled photo shoot to help promote a new wedding venue or clothing line. It’s fun to gather up all the props and vases we have in the studio and come up with a design that meets the event planner’s vision.

We worked with The Events Boutique on this shoot at the Redondo Beach Hotel. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photos by Dave Richards Photography.

Pantone Blue for Summer 2016

Pantone Blue for Summer 2016 Beach Wedding. Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

Floral Pocket Square for Grooms

Floral pocket square replaces a traditional boutonniere on this groom to be! Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

Aquamarine wedding ideas

Aquamarine ceremony furniture for a nautical themed wedding. Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

Under the sea floral ideas for ocean-themed wedding.

Under the sea florals for a wedding ceremony statement near the ocean. Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

Pink garden wedding bouquet

Pantone pink for a summer 2016 wedding features pink garden roses and light pink wax flower in a loose garden bouquet style. Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

2016 Pantone Colors for a wedding.

2016 Pantone colors combine for this lovely wedding centerpiece table setting. Blue plates pair well with pastel pink flowers. Styling by The Events Boutique. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Dave Richards Photography.

Three Flower Blogs That Bloom

We are busy bees like everyone else and would love nothing more than to read hundreds of blogs to find inspiration daily, however, we have a few that we return to on a regular basis for lovely floral ideas and thought we’d share each with you. There are many more out there and we’ll cover more in the future.


Floret LogoFloret Farms

Recently voted favorite flower blog by the readers of Better Homes and Gardens, Erin Benzakein of Floret Farms writes about her farm, family and passion for flowers. This blog is well written and features stunning photographs that make you want to jump right into the picture. Love this blog!

Flirty-Fleurs-Florist-Blog-by-Alicia-SchwedeFlirty Fleurs

Flower Duet was featured on this blog a few years ago and we loved meeting our interviewer and blogger , Alicia Schwede, virtually online. Her warmth shone through even just in email. Her floral business began in Colorado and she is now in Washington State, but is a native to California! This blog is about floral designers and Alicia is a wonderful resource for those who are passionate about floral design!

Debra Prinzing LogoDebra Prinzing

We can’t say enough about how much we love and admire Debra Prinzing and her work to educate American consumers on where their flowers are sourced and how to find flowers that are grown in your own cities and counties. We met Debra in 2013 and our relationship has bloomed from there (see podcast above). Her blog and weekly Slow Flowers podcast are AMAZING. Her years as a professional journalist and garden expert shine in her most recent role of Brand Ambassador of American Grown Flowers. This blog is a MUST for any floral enthusiast!

2016 American Grown Flowers Week

The 2nd Annual American Grown Flowers Week festivities have already begun with a floral design contest among farmers and designers who are members of SlowFlowers.com.  The contest encourages farmers and florists to post photographs of their red-white-and-blue bouquets along with the #americangrownflowers tag on social media platforms. Entrants will be included in a drawing for a number of prizes. 

SlowFlowers.com is a free website directory that allows consumers to find flower farms, designers and event planners who work with American Grown Flowers and plants. To help spread the word and support our local farms, sponsors Certified American Grown Flowers, Mayesh Wholesale, Syndicate Sales and Longfield Gardens as well as SlowFlowers.com have come together to raise awareness of the origins of American consumers’ flowers. As an advocacy effort, this campaign is timed to coincide with America’s Independence Day on July 4th, providing florists, retailers, wholesalers and flower farmers a patriotic opportunity to promote American grown flowers.


You can learn more about this amazing flower hair design on this wonderful video by designer Susan McLeary:


Download your own USA Floral Coloring Map

Florist Apps Review

One of our wholesale floral suppliers, Mayesh, recently wrote about florist industry apps that are made to help the florist create quotes for event and wedding flowers and keep track of contracts, order forms and proposals.  

To be a floral designer is not just about knowing your botanicals and color wheel as well as composition. It’s about organization and customer service. These apps are geared to help you with the business side of floristry.

Read the entire comparison article on Mayesh.com.

Mayesh Infographic for Apps

Mayesh.com compared floral industry apps and created this wonderful infographic illustrating the strengths of each as well as monthly pricing.

Floral App Review by Mayesh

The Details Flower App allows its users to manage clients, upload designs, send contracts, count blooms and track payments.

Flower Tools for Cake Flowers

Many times we are asked to add fresh flowers to wedding cakes and so we’ve come up with some different ways to add flowers while keeping contact with the cake at a minimum. First, we wash the flowers and dry them before adding them to the cake. We’ve wrapped stems before inserting them into cakes. We’ve created toppers using food-safe containers to hold the flowers before placing them on the cake.  We also suggest edible flowers for cakes.

Here are a few more tools for adding fresh flowers to cakes.

Cake Flowers

Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are great for garnishing individual plates or platters of food – and cakes!  Gorgeous food-safe flowers will allow you to easily take your presentation to the next level.  The flavor of the edible flower assortment varies with the flowers that are included in it. While it is safe to eat, bitter varieties can be included, so we recommend using the blossoms as a decoration rather than an ingredient or edible garnish.

Here are three vendors who ship fresh flowers overnight:

Edible Flowers Generally Available Year-Round from Marx Foods

  • Marigolds
  • Batchelor’s Buttons
  • Lavender
  • Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Snap Dragons
Marx Foods Premium Edible Flowers

Marx Foods – Premium Edible Flowers Assortment Photo


Flower Display Cups

These Flower Display Cups are from Wilton, the experts in DIY cake decorating. To make these work, add a little bit of fondant (which you may also purchase from Wilton at any Michaels Craft Store) to the cups and then insert the floral stems into the cups, then insert the spikey cup into the cake.



Melted Chocolate or Candy Melts

Another idea is to melt white chocolate or candy melts onto wax paper, then before the chocolate cools and hardens, add the flowers in a design and then let harden in the fridge. The candy acts as a barrier between the cake frosting and flowers. Be sure to check with any allergies before using chocolate as many people can be allergic to chocolate.

Flower Book: The Flower Appreciation Society

by Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey

We love to reach across the pond to find inspiration from floral designers in the UK and we stumbled across this lovely book by two florists who run a shop in London. With backgrounds in illustration and textiles, their compositions are spot on as well as advice on how to put together flowers in a fun and fresh fashion.


In The Flower Appreciation Society, the authors run through topics in floral design from A to Zed…starting with Anemones and Appreciation. Below is a page taken from the “J” section featuring “How to Fill a Jar” complete with flower photographs and illustrated hands to show exactly how to hold the flowers while designing.

It’s a take we find refreshing! Buy the book and check out their wonderful website and blog about their business. You’ll find inspiration on every page.

The Flower Appreciation Society – Hackney, London, UK


From Amazon:

Anna Day and Ellie Jauncey are not your average florists. Friends first and business partners later, they formed The Flower Appreciation Society when they realized they shared a love of all things floral and a frustration with the formal arrangements preferred by many traditional florists. The bouquets and accessories they create in their London studio are relaxed, natural and breathtakingly beautiful – and packed full of seasonal blooms from local markets.

In this, their first book, they will take readers on incredible, meandering journey through an A to Z of blooms – from Anemones to Zinnias and everything in between. If you’re a bride-to-be doing your own wedding flowers or have ever wondered why your tulips just won’t stand up straight, The Flower Appreciation Society has all the tips, tricks and wonderfully creative ideas you could ask for.

Anemones and Appreciation, Bouquets and Bees, Colours and Corsages, Delphiniums and Daisies,Edible flowers and Events, Foliage and Forget-me-Nots, Garlands and Gardens, Headbands andHydrangea, Insects and Irises, Jasmine and Jam jars, Kit and Kitsch, Lily-of-the-Valley and Latin names,Mother’s Day and Markets, Narcissus and Nature, Old wives’ tales and Orchids, Peonies and Posies,Quick tips and Questions, Roses and Romance, Scents and Seasonality, Tulips and Thyme, Urban legends and Unloved blooms, Vases and Valentines, Weddings and Wild flowers . . . And Xylem, Yarrow and Zinnia