April 2014 Newsletter

Floral Trends - Volume 49

Exciting New Vase and Container Styles

by Kit Wertz

New Mercury Glass Vases

Photo by: Kit Wertz

From mercury glass to milk glass, there are a plethora of new vase and container styles available at our local wholesale floral suppliers on Wall Street and beyond. Casey and I walked into GM Floral a few weeks ago and fell in love with these antique-looking mercury glass goblets. As we explored this floral supply wonderland further, we saw many more new vase styles including some reproduction versions of the classic Venetian milk glass. Below are some of the ones that caught my eye, but you should take a trip downtown to Floral Supply Syndicate, GM Floral, Shibata and Moskatel’s to see all the new containers for the year!



Milk Glass

Milk glass is an opaque milky white or colored glass, blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes. First made in Venice in the 16th century, colors include blue, pink, yellow, brown, black, and the white that led to its popular name. Currently, you can purchase a new version of milk-inspired glass from GM Floral Supply. The vases pictured in this photo are by two different manufacturers. Some of the vases have a cooler, blue-tone look to them while the others are a warmer white. If you plan on mixing and matching these vases, keep in mind the differences.

Milk Glass Vases

Pictured above is a lovely collection of Milk Glass Vases from GM Floral Supply. Photo by: Kit Wertz

Rustic & Metallic Vase Options

There are so many different options for a more rustic look to your vases and containers from burlap covered glass cylinders to some of the types shown below. Rustic is still a very popular theme for weddings and parties and many of these would be great options. I also really love the metallic mosaic vase I found at GM Floral Supply below. It’s made from small mirrored pieces of glass attached to a mint-julep cup type of vase. This vase is sharp though, so you have to be careful when handling these types of vases.

Rustic Containers

Above is a lovely collection of rustic-inspired vases from the low metal bucket with burlap handles, to a distressed blue ceramic square to canning jars in different colors like this one in blue. I’ve seen mason jars in pink, green, yellow and blue. All containers above except for the mason jar are availble at GM Floral Supply. Colored mason jars can be found at Shibata Floral Company downtown on Wall Street in the flower district. Photos by: Kit Wertz

Colorful Containers

Plastic is a great option for reusable vases. It is watertight, doesn’t break and can be reused for a long time. Here are a few ideas from FSS and The Container Store.

Large Plastic Cupcake Vases

Pictured above is a lovely collection of colorful cupcake Liner-inspired containers that I found at The Container Store.These are actually pretty large compared to a normal cupcake size, but give a very festive feel. Actually designed to hold party favors or candies, these could easily be used to hold little floral displays for a centerpiece or buffet table. Photo by: Kit Wertz

Easter Baskets

Colorful baskets can make a design pop. Put some pink roses in a pink basket and the flowers really jump out at you. Photo by: Kit Wertz

Yellow Vase

There is a lovely collection of all different colors, shapes and sizes of these heavy-duty watertight plastic containers like this from FSS.com. Photo by: Kit Wertz

Flower Duet Interviewed by Expressionary Events

by Flower Duet

We really enjoyed a great opportunity with Carmen Fuentes, Wedding Planner & Designer of Expressionary Events, who came to interview us at our studio earlier this month. We enjoyed our time together and this video is a great introduction to our How-To video we have available for sale. You can learn how to make your own hand-tied bouquet like we make in this video.

Floral Design Student Stories: In the Pink Weddings & Events

by Flower Duet

Each month this year we will feature our amazing, talented floral design students and how their relationship with flowers has changed since taking a workshop or two with Flower Duet. Come to one of our floral design workshops and you can share your story with everyone!

A beautiful bouquet from a student of Flower Duet.

A former student who is also a wedding and event planner made this gorgeous art inspired floral design for her son’s preschool fundraiser. It was an art themed event, hence the paint can as a vase, and a rainbow is in the school logo.

“As an event planner, the ability to fix damaged arrangements or create a boutonniere on the fly seemed like an important skill to have. After taking several classes with Casey, I’ve learned how to do that and so much more. One of the most useful lessons has been the grid technique. I’ve been making the centerpieces for my son’s school fundraiser for the past couple of years, and the budget is very small. Using this technique, I was able to create gorgeous arrangements that fit within our tight budget, because of the money the grid saves. This arrangement used only 21 roses, and including the tape and paint can container that complemented the art themed event, the centerpiece was just under $20. A florist would have charged 3-4 times that, which we could never have afforded.”

– Stacey Wynne Stewart, Certified Wedding Consultant/Owner, In The Pink Weddings & Events

A beautiful bouquet from a student of Flower Duet.

An aerial view of Stacey’s art-inspired centerpiece using the “grid” technique to anchor the roses.


Spring Color Trends for Easter and Mother’s Day

by Kit Wertz

I was honored to write an article for Bloomin’ News for the April 2014 issue. The editor of the publication of the Original Los Angeles Flower Market, Peggi Ridgeway, was gracious enough to allow me to choose a topic to write about and so I choose spring color trends. Fashion for spring is full of the usual lovely pastels, but also includes bold statements in the form of dark purples and calming neutrals like Sand and Paloma Gray. Check out my full article in the magazine when you go to the flower market this month or check it out in a PDF download. If you live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to become a subscriber to this great publication about your local flower vendors.

2014 Spring Color Trends

This design uses a few colors from Pantone’s Spring Fashion Color Palette for 2014. Photo by: Kit Wertz | Floral Design by: Flower Duet


Carlsbad Flower Fields Now Featuring Weddings

by Casey Schwartz

Bold colors, interesting textures and Carlsbad, California all point to one thing at this time of year: Spring Break at LEGOLAND. Ha, I’m just kidding. I am actually referring to the Flower Fields. Rows and rows of the Tecolote beauties we know as Ranunculus are in a good early bloom with more flowers coming into bloom every day. Full blooms will be in a couple of weeks. March to Mid May is the time to visit this amazing vista, providing joy to the eyes and as we shared in our last newsletter, happiness.

How is it that they are doing so well with the current water condition? A few years ago they switched to a drip irrigation system, so the water goes where it is needed, plus they can use and do use reclaimed water from the City of Carlsbad. So head to the fields and enjoy 15% more flowers than ever before due to their redesign of the fields last year.

We are heading there in two weeks to see the blooms that cover the landscape so close to each other in North San Diego Country. We will be sure to post some fun pictures of our adventures.

If you have not booked your wedding for this spring and decide that a open field surrounded by acres of flowers is what you want…look no further. Here is a link to weddings at The Flower Fields to answer your questions about doing just that. Invite 200 guests and enjoy all the area has to offer. There is a lovely hotel for all your guests at the top of the hill overlooking the field.

Flower Fields Weddings

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California are now offering temporary wedding venues. Image from The Flower Fields


David Austin Roses

by Kit Wertz

David Austin, a luxury cut rose company, announced their new cut flower website last month. They said it’s the complete source of everything you need to know about David Austin’s cut roses. On the site you can locate your local wholesaler, visit their new blog and inspiration guide and order brochures including their exclusive book of wedding garden roses. You can also learn about cut garden rose care and handling.

David Austin History Sir David Austin began breeding climbing and shrub garden roses in the early 1960s and wanted to bring the same lovely roses to the commercial cut rose market. The breeding program for David Austin’s luxury cut roses began over 15 years ago and was dedicated to bringing the beauty of garden roses to the commercial cut floral market. The David Austin company developed the requirements for durability of transport, long vase life and was able to retain the “fragrance and charisma of the beautiful roses.” In 2008, David Austin introduced its luxury cut garden roses to the United States a year after doing so to the European market.

Flowers with David Austin width=

New Garden Rose website resource from David Austin. Photo by: Miki&Sonja Photography | Floral Design by: Flower Duet

Here are a few tips from the website that will help you work with delicate cut garden roses:

  • David Austin’s garden roses are cut at a slightly later stage than ordinary roses, allowing them to ripen for longer on the plant.
  • Delivered as large, slightly open buds, the roses continue to open over several days to reveal their beautiful, full, cupped and rosette forms.
  • The shorter you cut the stems, the more quickly the blooms will open. Shorter stems also tend to maximize the size of the bloom.
  • Choose the perfect place for your vase of David Austin cut roses. The warmer the room, the shorter the vase life will be. For longest life, place the roses in a cool place, but away from strong drafts from air conditioning units. Avoid putting the roses close to sources of heat such as radiators or direct sunlight.

Source: davidaustinrosesusa.com.

Book Review: Art of Flower Arranging: A Garden Club of America Book

The Fine Art of Flower Arranging
This book was recommended by Doris, one of our long-time students so we know it must be a good resource! Casey looked through it during a private lesson she was teaching to Doris at our studio last week and thought it had some amazing arrangements.

From Amazon: “In this volume 170 color photographs record fashionable as well as traditional and historical styles of flower arranging. In arrangements created for the dinner table and the living room, in spectacular designs for competition halls and museums and in botanical sculptures for the garden, the art of this hobby is presented. The text reveals how the best arrangers create their floral masterpieces and gives the reader how-to advice and inspiration to create their own arrangements.” Published by the Garden Club of America in 2002, this book is still relevant for today’s floral designer.

Where to find: Amazon.com – Art of Flower Arranging: A Garden Club of America Book.

Floral Design Tool: Floral Kimonos for Brides, Moms-To-Be and You

Flower Bridal Party Kimonos

We know that a little floral robe is not a kimono, but we thought it would be a fun thing to feature as a flower-inspired piece of clothing that our fans might enjoy whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, hospital robe, maternity robe or just want to have a fun robe for summertime!
Flower Kimonos Magenta

You can find these selections easily on Etsy.com or make your own using patterns. But we think it’s easiest to just order online from the fantastic handcrafted site, Silk and More on Etsy.com.




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