December 2012 Newsletter

2012 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Flower Lover

by Casey & Kit

2012 Gift Ideas

Gifts for You and Your Loved Ones for the Holidays

Pictured at left is our floral design class in our deluxe design studio which we offered for wedding bouquets. Join us in a class, private lesson, tour or workshop as a gift to yourself or give a gift certifcate to one of our classes to a friend or relative!

‘Tis the season for sharing, giving, making and gifting. Flower Duet would love to give you a few ideas on all things flowers just in time for this joyful season.

Duet yourself and Duet for yourself.

Join Flower Duet on December 8th and make your own Holiday Centerpiece or Wreath. Give yourself the gift of a new skill, confidence and knowledge. Wrap yourself up with the know-how of identifying fresh flowers in order to easily navigate the largest Flower Mart in the USA, the Los Angeles Floral District. We’ll show you how.

Flower Duet’s Shopping Cart Gift Items

We have our own store online where you can sign up for classes, purchase gift certificates, order DVDs, floral shears or our succulent wall art containers.

Gifts for the Flower Lover

Floral Ornament
We are drawn to flowers. Whether it be walking down the lane and eyeing that Bird of Paradise showing off his colors, or that last breath of the Antique Hydrangea hanging onto the bush. We have found some fun gift ideas for you or for friends who share your love of flowers. See your flowers bright and early with coffee, all day long wrapped around your phone, during cocktails as you protect your coffee table and at your feet, during that long day of floral design.

Pictured at left is a floral ornament from

Floral Skins for your Smart Phone

Skin it – Cover your device with something more exciting than blue or black. There are so many to choose from you could change it every week like a floral arrangement. Pick your device and skin it.

Floral Skins

Skinit Floral Skins for Smart Phones

Floral Hanukkah Gifts

Floral Menorah
Gift baskets are great ideas for Hanukkah, but we also thought this non-traditional menorah was a nice gift idea for the flower lover.

Floral Tile Coasters

Floral Tile CoastersA party of six is more fun than four and no two are alike, just like your guests. Available at Urban Outfitters. A great spot for that fun gift, for that quirky friend. Or a quirky gift for a fun friend.
Floral Tile Coasters from Urban Outfitters.

Floral Rugs

When we tell our students and clients that Tulips are available year round, we are not kidding. Add some bright Floral rugs to your home this winter and make it bright and cheerful all year long.

Floral Rug Lily
Floral Rug Mum
Rugs from

Muggy Flowers

Pictured above are to-go tumblers available at

GO Grandma, GO Retro and Go MOD. Everything is available for all tastes. We each have some mugs that have Daisies on them. They are very retro, as we have had them since the mid 70’s. We also have some lovely floral cups from our grandmothers. Sipping tea or coffee in a fun mug makes it all taste better!

pansy mug

vintage mug

Pictured above at left, Pansy Mug from and at right,Vintage Floral Mugs from Rust Belt Threads Shop.

Zappos Floral Mugs


Wear Flowers on Your Feet

To your toes. Our Dad always told us to have the right tools and for any floral designer who spends a lot of time standing, the right tools start with good shoes. After designing on your feet all day, it’s time to go and deliver your creations and still be on your feet. Chefs and nurses all say that Dansko Clogs are the way to go. Who can resist these floral prints too! Happy Feet!

Floral Clog Blue
Floral Clog Pink

Dansko Floral Clogs


See More of Flower Duet’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide on

Gift Guide
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Let It Snow: How to Flock Branches, Trees and Flowers

by Kit & Casey

Flocked Evergreen

Pictured above is a flocked branch of noble fir. We sprayed it three times to build up the look of snow. Always spray outside in a well-ventilated area.

Current Flocking Trends – White, Blue and Pink Snow? Oh My!

Flocked Pink Tree
While the current trend is to see flocked trees in more colors than just plain old white pure snow, we are not going to judge here. It may go very well with your Breast Cancer Awareness Holiday Charity Auction to use a pink-flocked tree adorned with pink ribbons and other lovely gifts. Or, celebrate the birth of a new baby boy who is due around Christmas with a baby-blue flocked tree. There are really so many possibilties.

What we like to do is a more subtle treatment of flocking a few evergreen branches for an all-white floral design or to flock some deciduous tree branches to create a dramatic tall look for a holiday party. Add a few hanging ornaments and you’ve got a classy design with impact in a dark ballroom (see photo below from
Snow Trees

Photo above from – Snow Trees

History of Flocking

Flocked lamp
The Christmas Tree lots are popping up around town and as we flock to get our evergreen trees, why not consider adding a little flock. Flocking is simply adding and adhering, usually a natural texture, to an area to give it a new look. Some treatments give a velour texture feeling like the inside of a jewelry box or a t-shirt (check out the flocked lampshade at left). Apparently they can date flocking back to ancient times where the Chinese used a resin glue to add fibers to fabrics and the Germans added fiber dust to wall coverings during the Middle ages. Louis the XIV of France, said “c’est bon” to his flocked wall coverings.

Where to Purchase Flocking Suppplies

Flocked Evergreen
We were down at the flower mart picking up a flower order for a winter wonderland wedding for December 1st and there it was. Snow-in-a-Can, instant flocking at your fingertips. We are sure the ancient flockers would find this very handy. As we are based in Southern California, we are unlikely to see snow this holiday season so we gathered some fallen pine limbs and gave them a good flocking. It was fun and it totally changed the look.

Snow Flocking Tips

  • Shake the can before use.
  • Keep at room temperature, but don’t spray indoors!
  • Spray in front of an cardboard box to protect against getting snow in places not meant for snow. Although, if you do have some over spray, you can wipe it up with a damp cloth or just vacuum it up.
  • Layer it up from the top to create the illusion of a large snowfall.
  • Allow it to completely dry before using in a floral arrangement.

It is starting to feel a lot like Christmas…. If you are feeling like flocking, head to your local craft store or Amazon and get some Snow-in-a-Can and may the flock be with you.

Video: How to Create Holiday Pomanders

Holiday Pomander
Pictured at left is a pomander created with red carnations. It’s a perfect accent for any holiday table. Watch the video below to see how to make these lovely floral features. For a festive Hanukkah floral design, use white carnations and add small blue glass ball ornaments throughout the design.

Casey Schwartz of Flower Duet has appeared on Public Television’s Creative Living with Sheryl Borden the past two seasons and returned to Portales, New Mexico to film another set of five shows for the 2012-2013 season.

This month, we feature a video on how to make a pomander – perfect for accenting your holiday decoration ideas for your home or Christmas party.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: fashioningflowers so you’ll know when we’ve uploaded a new show of our own!

Flower Arranging Book: The Flower Shop Christmas

The Flower Shop Christmas: Christmas in a Country Flower Shop by Sally Page

There are some wonderful how-tos in this book for how to use ribbon on a glass cube so that the floral design looks like it’s wrapped for Christmas and many more beautiful floral designs for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Here is a snippet from “The Flower Shop Christmas is a natural follow-on to The Flower Shop, Sally Page’s first book. It takes the form of the 12 days of Christmas and reflects on life in the flower shop during this magical time of year – a time for family and friendship, full of love and sharing. Not only does it capture and celebrate the true spirit and meaning of Christmas through human stories, it also is full of fresh ideas and focuses on the essential role that flowers play in this enchanting season. Step inside and enjoy the unique experience of Christmas in The Flower Shop.”

Floral Design Tool: Wreath Making Supplies

Wreath Forms

Want to make your own Holiday wreath this season? Great! Now, where do you find supplies? Here are the three essential items you’ll need to create your own wreath. First, you’ll need a wire wreath form. Use a 12-inch size or larger for best results. This gives you a nice hole in the middle. It’s best to get the one pictured here. Work with it so the convex part is pointing at you in order to help create a round and full look to your wreath. Use branches of pine cut off from the bottom of your Christmas tree, or go out and trim a few trees. Don’t stop at just pine boughs. It’s great to use other tree branches like eucalyptus or even flowers like Protea in your wreaths.

Paddle Wire
When you bundle each little grouping of greenery you’ll then use this paddle wire to bind it to the wreath form. To learn more about how to do this the easiest and fastest way, come to our holiday wreath workshop on December 8th at our studio.

Floral Picks

To add all those fun ornaments, pine cones and other accoutrements, use floral picks like the ones shown here and then just insert into the wreath where you like. Here are a few ideas for your wreath making this season!

Mixed Green Wreath
Mixed Green Wreath from Roger’s Gardens


Norfolk Pine Wreath
Norfolk Pine Wreath – from the LA Flower Mart

Protea Wreath
Protea Wreath from Roger’s Gardens

Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath
Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath


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