July 2012 Newsletter

Floral Trends - Volume 28

2012 Wedding Flowers Trends: Fragrant Garden Roses

by Casey Schwartz

Peach Garden Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses … and Check Out Those Petals

We are in full swing of the wedding season and more brides than ever are dreaming of fluffy, layered AND fragrant garden roses. These floral beauties are in high demand and happily the demand is being met by our wholesale flower vendors and the quality and variety of choices continue to exceed our expectations.

Over 10 years ago, there was only one wholesale vendor who specialized in garden roses at the Los Angeles Flower Market. However gorgeous and fragrant they were, they were also short-stemmed and had a very short season.

Variety of Choice Expands

Garden Rose Lavender
Now, there is a variety of choices year-round and June is a perfect time to purchase these flowers. It is still essential to order ahead in case you need a specific color or type of rose for your client, but lots of Garden Rose varieties can be purchased right off the market floor downtown. If you just want to enjoy the glory of them, head down to Mayesh at the LA Mart and grab a bunch. Be aware, that while the traditional long-stem cut roses grown for the floral trade come in bunches of 25 stems, garden roses are sold in bunches of 12 stems and subsequently, cost a bit more per stem.
Garden Rose Dark Pink
Garden Rose Pink
Garden Rose Ivory
Garden Rose Hot Pink

All of these images were taken since our last newsletter on four different visits to the mart with brides and students. We lingered around all the buckets full of these beauties. They are called Yves Piaget, Aphrodite, and Piano and their colors range from creamy white to deep purples. We just could not pull ourselves away from the enticing petals and the sweet smell.

About David Austin Roses

Casey's Bridal Bouquet with Peonies and Garden RosesThat is where we need nod and bow to David Austin, who in the service of horticulture was named Officer of the Order of the British Empire. He breeds roses and has been doing so for over 40 years. Born on the farm where he still lives, he and his family have been crossing old roses holding the look and fragrance of yesteryear, with the colors and “repeat-flowering qualities” of what are referred to as modern roses.His first variety introduced as a David Austin Rose was aptly named Constance Spry, a pioneer in English and American Floral Design.

For the last 15 years he and his team, including his son, also named David Austin, have been working to produce a new breed of cut roses. One of them is Patience which I used last Saturday in the Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lazar. (Photo at left of her bouquet).

How to Make Cut Garden Roses Last in a Vase

Flower Duet Garden Rose Design

According to David Austin Rose website: “The green colouration on the outer petals is a natural characteristic of our beautiful English Roses. These thicker outer petals help to protect the delicately-furled inner petals. The green colour will gradually become hidden as the flower opens out into its full old rose shape.” These roses should last at least five days in a vase, but you should handle them carefully as these petals are softer than traditional cut roses and can damage easily.As with all cut flowers, make sure the vase is really clean, using bleach if necessary and rinsing well. Avoid metal containers which may shorten vase life.

  • Dissolve the flower food in lukewarm water according to the package instructions.
  • Remove the bottom 1-inch of the stem, making a slanted cut with a clean sharp floral knife or cutters. When you do this, cut under water to ensure that no air bubble remain in the stem.
  • Remove all foliage that will be below the vase water line.
  • English cut roses take up lots of water quickly. Add more water as needed.
  • Every second day, rinse the stems clean and change the water. Be sure to recut the stems and always use floral food in the water.
  • The warmer the room, the shorter the vase life. For long life, keep away from drafts, fresh fruit and direct sunlight.
  • To help the garden roses open up quickly for a special event, place them spaced well apart in plenty of water in a warm, brightly-lit room. Always add flower food to the water. The shorter you cut the stems, the wider the blooms will open.

Where to Find Garden Roses

Lavender Garden Rose
There are 800 varieties of garden roses you can grow in your own backyard. Call your local nursery or order online to grow your own. Of course if you live in the Los Angeles Area, pop to the mart and select your own!

Garden Roses … By the Bucket? You Bet!!!

While a bowl full of deep red cherries conjures summer joy, we imagine a bucket of 120 stems of cut garden roses can really get a flower girl excited!! Right now at a vendor in downtown LA, you can get a bucket full of roses for just about 16 cents per stem! This is amazing!

Disguised in plain brown paper, once you take a peek inside the paper, it takes your breath away. Roses, tons of roses, cut fresh, in water, and ranging $20-30.00 a bucket. Colors range from mostly pinks and reds to a a few orange and white garden roses.

Cut and bucketed locally the price is $30.00 on Thursday and drops to $20.00 on Saturday as the market is closed on Sunday.

Once again, these roses are a bargain at 16 cents a stem. Get ’em while they’re hot. Find them at Eliseo’s (213-627-4898) on the Original Los Angeles Flower Mart Side.
Contact us for directions, where to park and how to find these and Mayesh’s bins of roses.
Garden Rose Buckets

July 4th Decoration and Floral Ideas on Flower Duet’s Pinterest Board

by Kit Wertz

July 4th flowers
Want some quick inspiration for your July 4th party? Head on over to Pinterest.com – the hottest social bookmarking site on the Web.

What is Pinterest and Social Bookmarking?

As I am an Internet Marketing consultant when I am not being a florist, I am often absorbed into the geeky world of social media marketing sites.

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Some original services include DIGG or StumbleUpon which can be used to categorize the pages and websites you like on the Web and then share your favorites with other people. This is a handy way to find out what is trending for certain topics and whether a certain article might be worthy of checking out online based on how many people have bookmarked it.

One of the newest social bookmarking sites that is totally cool for crafty people like you is Pinterest. The best way to describe it is a virtual bulletin board for your favorite ideas you find online. So, you can “pin” images of floral designs, recipes or the glass tile for your kitchen remodel on your own Pinterest board and then share it with others.

The best thing about sharing with others is that you can find other things you like by following other “pinners.” You can “repin” photos from other boards onto your boards and you can “like” or comment on other people’s pins.

I’ve seen some great ideas for recipes, clothing, kids toys, gardens and more!

How To Join and Use Pinterest

Flower Duet has embraced Pinterest and has five boards. To join, just go to the site, Pinterest.com and sign up. You’ll get your confirmation in a few days to a week that you’re all ready to start pinning.

When you are browsing the Web on sites like Sunset.com or BHG.com, look for the PinIt! Button. When you get to an image you like, just click the button and you’ll be prompted to add it to one of your boards. It’s super simple and very fun!

You don’t have to have an account to see our July 4th Board on Pinterest. Just click the image below. WARNING, Pinterest can be addicting like so many things online.

FREE Video: How to Create a Tropical High-Style Floral Design

Check out the latest video in our YouTube channel

We continue to add more free videos to our YouTube channel. Casey appeared on behalf of Flower Duet for the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 seasons of Creative Living, which air on PBS stations across the country. We are able to air these segments with the permission of Creative Living via our channel on YouTube!

This month, Casey shows Sheryl Borden from Creative Living How to create a Tall High-Style Floral Design Using Tropical Flowers including Ti leaves and Ginger flowers.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: fashioningflowers so you’ll know when we’ve uploaded a new show!


Book Review: Ribbon Crafts

Ribbon Guide HowTo Book
The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts by Elaine Schmidt

In addition to showing you how to create the classic floristry bows, this book provides a reference for all kinds of crafts that involve ribbon.
The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts: *All You Need to Know to Craft with Ribbon *The Essential Reference for Novice and Expert Ribbon Crafters *Instructions for Over 100 Projects includes step-by-step photographed instructions for a wide range of techniques as well as projects to accompany each area of ribbon crafting.

This is a comprehensive guide as compared to most books on ribbon crafts that are specific by technique or end result (ribbon flowers, silk ribbon embroidery, making bows). This book explores a wide range of techniques and end products, using all kinds of ribbon, making it an essential reference for all craft enthusiasts. It includes ideas and projects for scrapbooking, home décor, general crafting, and fashion.

Floral Design Tool: Ribbon Organizer

Ribbon Mess

Don’t let your Ribbon Collection look like this!

We love floral ribbon, but it’s one floral supply that seems to multiply overnight! We never throw away good ribbon, but finding an organized home for all those various sized spools, and the odd extra lengths has been a challenge.

The ivory and white ribbons are replaced on a regular basis, but it seems like the odd orange, hot pink and turquoise linger until that unusual color presents itself once again for a new special order.

After a few failed attempts at trying to rig something from scratch, we finally searched online and found a great tool to organize our ribbon collection.
Ribbon Organizer
Simply Renee Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer makes an 18” and 36” ribbon organizer with 40 clips to gather your loose lengths so you can use them when you need them. Geared towards scrap bookers, we had not seen this tool in any floral trade magazine, but thanks to Google & Amazon, we have one place for our ribbon in the studio.

Where to Purchase
The price is just under $30.00 for the 36-inch size.



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