March 2013 Newsletter

Moss-Covered Floral Containers: Purses, Baskets and Shoes?

by Kit Wertz

Moss-covered Jewel-Toned Easter Basket
Pictured at left is a jewel-toned take on the traditional Easter basket floral design. We added a few artificial emerald green moss balls to the mix along with dark purple Hydrangea, red Roses and red Ranunculus.

We started a new Pinterest board to give you more moss-covered container ideas. Check it out at
Since it is now March and we turn to all things green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it would be fun to feature mossy green floral containers. This also continues last month’s theme featuring emerald green as the color of the year for fashion and design.

Wildflower wedding with Moss Container
Wildflower wedding centerpiece with hand-made moss container. We used a maché container and attached sphagnum moss to the outside.
While it’s entirely possible to create your own moss-covered containers (see our floral tool review this month on moss container covering), we suggest looking into the plethora of containers you can purchase that are ready made. With the exception of the sling back heel, all of these containers have plastic liners so that you can start designing right away.

Mossy Floral Containers
Purse, slingback heel and watering can all feature preserved moss coverings.
Mother's Day Workshop Flowers - Floral Purse
Learn how to create a fun floral design in a moss-covered handbag or purse in our 2-for-1 Mother’s Day flower arranging class on May 11, 2013.
Slingback Moss-Covered Shoe with Flowers from Flower Duet
Flowers used were Phalaenopsis orchids, Waxflower, various succulents and Brunia berries. Kit was inspired by botanical couture work of Françoise Weeks when she created this design using the ready-made moss-covered slingback heel. This design would not last very long as none of the flowers featured on it has any type of water source. It would be cute for a one-day fashion show luncheon party theme, though! Each flower and succulent is secured to the shoe form with floral wire. For more intricate designs, I would imagine that some type of sewing with fishing line is involved and florist’s Lomey glue.
Moss-covered Floral Watering Can ContainerThis moss-covered and grape vine woven watering can container makes a sweet bridal shower tea centerpiece idea. We’ve added Pink Akito roses and Silvery Brunia berries to the design.


Square Moss Top
Square Moss Bottom
A modern square moss container is lined with plastic, ready for your design and completely covered with moss on the bottom.


Square moss container as lift

The square shaped moss container can serve as a lift for a floral design as demonstrated here.

Mossy Accents

Mossy spheres
These spheres covered in emerald green artificial moss make great vase fillers or other accent pieces. Perfect for a St. Patrick’s day floral design.


Green Jewelry and DIY Craft Ideas

by Casey Schwartz

DIY Terrariums
DIY Terrarium Kits make it easy to have your own low maintenance indoor garden.

There are some pretty clever and talented artists today who are getting more and more exposure to the public thanks to sites like Etsy and deal sites like We found these products thanks to some of these types of sites and thought we’d pass these on to you.

If you want to learn how to make your own terrariums, check out our step-by-step guide from last year’s February newsletter: How to create a Terrarium.

Mossy Jewelry

Necklaces, earrings and bracelets featuring tiny live terrariums from With Roots. With Roots Living Moss Jewelry

Bottle Gardens

Bottles recycled into fun garden planters. Build your own for yourself or a friend. Choose an Irish Whiskey bottle for a St. Patrick’s Day gift. Order Bottle Garden Kit

Mini Terrariums from Twig Terrariums

DIY Terrariums
DIY Terrarium Kits make it easy to have your own low maintenance indoor garden. Twig Terrariums DIY Terrarium Kit

You can purchase your own kit to make a mini terrarium for your home or to give as a gift. Check out our own DIY article on making a terrarium and how to work with moss safely.

World Market Terrariums How To

DIY Terrariums World Market
Photo by: World Market.

How To DIY Terrarium


How to be Unobtrusive with Tulips

by Kit Wertz

French Tulips
French tulips were the entrance feature flower for the 2013 Grammy Awards Sony “after party” at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

We were once again asked to assist in the creation and set up for the post Grammy party for Sony Music this year. Last year, we featured orchids and calla lillies in the designs. This year it was all about tulips. The trick was all the designs had to be very small and not obtrusive. The only exception was the entryway designs which could be more extravagant. This was a very understated floral design order. Here are a few photos from the party set up and a few tips on how to work with tulips.
red tulipsSmall scale was the order from the event planner for the Beverly Hills hotel.
bar tulipsEven the bar flowers design had to be unobtrusive.
tulips group
Small scale floral designs such as these low tulips in black glass cylinders afford the best use of this narrow patio which is part of the Bar Nineteen12 area of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
tulips vip
VIP lounge at the Post-Grammy Sony Music party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


tulips entrance sony music group party
Entrance to the Bar Nineteen12 at the Beverly Hills Hotel featured white French Tulips for the Sony Music Group’s post Grammy Awards party on February 10, 2013.

Working with Tulips Tips

  • Buy the blooms when they are still closed but you can see the color on the outside of the bloom. Make sure the blooms are not too far above the tips of the greenery. The taller the blooms are above the greenery, the longer it’s been since they were cut from the growing fields.
  • When you bring the flowers home, condition them. Mix flower food and cool water and fill the vase with enough water to cover the first 4 inches of the stems.
  • Cut the white ends off of the stems and pace in a tall vase so the stems are supported inside the vase. Alternately, you can gently wrap the stems in butcher paper to support and straighten the stems before putting them in the vase.
  • Be sure to cut the stems right before placing them in water. Don’t delay!
  • Put in a cool dark place for an hour or two. NOTE: Tulips are attracted to light, so they will turn in the direction of the light and that is why you want to condition them in the dark.



Video: How To Create Sunny Sunflower Floral Design

Sunflowers are available year-round to the floral trade and public. The sunflower often follows the sun which is how got its name. Sunflowers can drink a lot of water. Be sure to use a vase that holds plenty of water and can support the weight of the flowers. The tallest sunflower grown on record was 25 feet tall.

Casey Schwartz of Flower Duet has appeared on Public Television’s Creative Living with Sheryl Borden the past two seasons and returned to Portales, New Mexico to film another set of five shows for the 2012-2013 season.

This month, we feature a video on how to create a large scale design using sunflowers as the main flower. Flowers for the sunflowers arrangement:
Sunflowers, Safflower, Spider mums, Viking mums(look like mini sunflowers) and rosemary.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: fashioningflowers so you’ll know when we’ve uploaded a new show of our own!

Flower Arranging Book Review: Bella Bouquets

by Casey Schwartz

Beaucoup bouquets can be found in the prettiest picture book I have seen a while.

Bella Bouquets, by floral designer Alicia Schwede is a book of stunning bouquets which have been created beautifully and masterfully. The combinations of flowers are thoughtful and imaginative. Alicia does the right thing and names all the flowers and elements that make up her bouquets, so it does not leave the reader wondering, “What is that unusual flower?” The accents of ribbon and jewels are tasteful and tie in the floral theme in a lovely manner. The images have been captured by talented photographers and presented in this must have book for floral designers.

For all our 36 students who learned this technique this past Feburary weekend, and the hundreds we have taught over the years, we are happy to offer this book for purchase from our Flower Duet online store and have it shipped to you. You will look at it over and over, as I have since receiving it.

Order online:

$24.95 (plus shipping and applicable sales tax)


Floral Design Tool: DIY Moss-Covered Container Supplies

Photo by Moss sheets from Using a sheet of preserved moss makes it easy to cover even surfaces like a cube or square vase.

3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive makes it easy to secure the flat sheet moss to a plastic, metal, wood or glass container. Read tips and techniques for using spray adhesive from the manufacturer.

Floral Maché containers make good foundations for covering with moss. Check out our floral tool article about maché containers from our August 2010 newsletter.
Not all Moss is created equal. Learn about the differences in this great blog entry from Young’s Garden.
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