September 2015 Newsletter

Floral Trends - Volume 65

Fall Flower Trends – Rich Colors & Nature Inspired

By Kit Wertz

Fall flower colors include oranges, purples, reds and peach.

Fall color trends will point solidly toward jewel tones. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

As we turn to fall and cooler temperatures, the colors of the flowers tend to heat up. We’ve been receiving many requests from our wedding and event clients to create floral designs using jewel-toned flowers.


Deep rich reds and oranges will dominate this fall in flowers. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.


Deep reds will still resonate this fall. Shown here are chocolate teddy Cymbidium Orchids with red Amaranthus and silver dollar Eucalyptus. Flowers and Photo by Flower Duet.


Deep purples evoking sapphires and amethysts will make appearances through the fall. Pictured are purple Stock, Lisianthus and Amnesia roses with variegated Pittosorpum and green Hypericum berries. Flowers and photo by Kit Wertz.

Flower Trends in Fashion for Fall 2015

Red Valentino Floral-Print Taffeta Dress

Red Valentino Floral-Print Taffeta Dress. Photo by

Flowers dominate fall fashion lines as shown by this lovely dress by Red Valentino.

All designers are having fun with darker themed florals this fall and winter. Floral prints aren’t just for springtime anymore. Take a cue from the fashion industry and design in rich colors against dark palettes. Choose darker greenery like Israeli or Italian Ruscus to offset flowers in an arrangement.

See a lovely slideshow of floral fashions from

Fall floral prints by

Photo from:


2015 Floral Trends Predictions Come True

Clean Lines Flowers

Clean lines with an influence from Ikebana were the notes from our recent wedding client at La Venta Inn. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Julie Kennedy.

According to House Beautiful, the 2015 trends in floral design were to be cleaner lines and a nod toward the past. We have seen this throughout the year and these trends continue. Here is their top five list with our take on what we’ve seen this year.

Nature Indoors – More floral arrangements will be integrated with plants like succulents and ferns.

Global Influences – Clean lines, and simple elements with a nod toward Ikebana will appear more often in floral designs for the home and event celebrations.

Vintage Revisions – We are still seeing a lot of mercury glass and footed compote designs. Thankfully this trend also includes the return of lush greenery to floral design which helps show off each bloom’s individual beauty.

Super Color – Flower Duet’s clients are asking for more and more color in their arrangements. We love this fun trend.

Centerpiece returns to Center – More and more people are entertaining at home and focusing on the finishing touches like a floral centerpiece. Many students who attend Flower Duet’s classes are just interested in creating flowers for their home and their own pleasure.

Fall Event Floral Styling Workshop – by Flower Duet on September 30, 2015

Flower Duet will be hosted by the South Coast Botanic Garden to show attendees how to style for fall with fresh and dried flowers. We’ll be hands-on in the garden to set up a floral display that will be on semi permanent display through fall.

Fall Gourds and Pumpkins

This exclusive behind-the-scenes look into event styling is perfect for event planners, wedding couples, interior decorators and anyone who loves flowers. Floral design students will be hands-on to setup an outdoor fall-themed arch with accompanying decor in the Lower Meadow and then learn how to take it down and re-install it in an alternate fashion in another location within the Garden. During this multi-faceted class, students will learn how to attach different types of flowers and greenery to structures, how to prevent damaging existing structures and how to keep flowers fresh on a structure or from blowing off in the wind. Students will also receive tips and tricks on current fall decorating trends.

Date & Time: September 30, 2015 from 10 a.m. to Noon

Location: Lower Meadow of South Coast Botanic Garden

Registration: Online registration accomplished by buying tickets through the garden. 

Photo Essay Focuses on the Men of  NYC’s Floral Business Industry

Submitted by Adrienne Sorg

Slate Magazine’s Behold Photo Blog  published an article about Brooklyn-based photographer Maggie Shannon‘s series of Manhattan’s floral district inhabitants.

She decided to photograph the inhabitants of the Manhattan flower district, located on 28th Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway after an impromptu visit orchestrated by her boyfriend. featured her photos in an article entitled, “The Men Who Make Manhattan’s Flower District Blossom.”

What strikes us as totally cool about this photo feature, is that the flowers and the people photographed are very similar to the wonderful people and places we visit every day on our trips to the Los Angeles Floral District and to our satellite wholesale vendors we visit all around LA, weekly!

This is a rare insight and interesting set of scenes frozen in time and we thought we’d share a little about the “right” coast’s floral  suppliers.


Edible Flowers Decorate Desserts and Drinks

by Flower Duet

Photo by Gourmet Sweet Botanicals

Photo by Gourmet Sweet Botanicals:

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals sells high quality MicroGreens, Petitegreens™, Edible Flowers, Crystallized Flowers, Tiny Veggies™​, Shoots & Leaves and other products. If you desire to add fresh flowers to a recipe or a dish, it’s essential to use flowers that have been produced without pesticides.

This company offers its customers floral products that are grown in California and are packed and shipped overnight to you to ensure freshness.

Company Website for Ordering:

Wedding Floral Snapshots

by Flower Duet

We did take a few weeks off in July and August to travel to Washington, D.C. and the beaches of the Atlantic; but have been quite busy upon our return. Here are a few snapshots from a few weddings we did in July and August.

Pretty in Pink Near the Ocean

Pink Bridal Bouquet by Flower Duet

Pink Rosita Vendela roses make up this entire hand-tied bouquet with a navy blue ribbon as accent color. Design and photo by Flower Duet.

Pink accented wedding pergola overlooking yacht harbor in Los Angeles.

Pink accented wedding pergola by Flower Duet at the Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach. Pergola rental by Level Weddings. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Aisle Decor for an outdoor wedding with petals and vases.

Flower Duet completed the look of aisle vases hanging from the chair rows with a line of pink rose petals. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Pink Wedding Centerpiece by Flower Duet

Shades of pink and lavender make up this wedding centerpiece. Stock, roses and hydrangea play well off each other. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Nautical Wedding on the Queen Mary

Flowers in blue and white are perfect accents for a nautical wedding on the Queen Mary by Flower Duet

Blue and white were the dominant colors for this nautical theme aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Navy Blue and White wedding cake

The navy blue wedding theme of this cake works perfectly well with the blue and white hydrangea flower accents by Flower Duet. Photo by Kit Wertz.

Royal Salon on the Queen Mary by Flower Duet

White and Blue flowers are harmonious in this nautical themed navy blue wedding on the Queen Mary. Flowers by Flower Duet. Photo by Kit Wertz

Rustic Wedding in the Rolling Hills of  Malibu

Malibu's Saddlerock

Rustic flowers adorn the bar overlooking the ceremony area. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Rustic peach, white and light pink centerpieces.

Peachy garden roses were highlighted with white spray roses and pink blushing bride protea in these rustic themed centerpieces. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Rustic peach wedding tablescape.

The lace table runner chosen by the bride was accented with gold mercury glass julep cups and a wooden container filled with peach, white and pink flowers along with dusty grey greenery. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Flower Tool: Hanging Vases Using Flower Duet’s Ribbon Technique

by Casey Coleman Schwartz

Hanging vase for wedding aisle

Flower Duet devised a simple and foolproof design to secure a lovely vase to chairs along an aisle for a wedding. Flowers and photo by Flower Duet.

Pew decor or Aisle decor….both mean pretty flowers as the guests take their seats and when the bride walks down the aisle. It is a finishing touch or accent, with an impact.


Flowers can be placed on either side of this top ribbon and hidden. This style allows the vase to hang vertically. Technique by Flower Duet.

Flowers simply tied together with a ribbon and left hanging out of water look great  if they are silk or dried.  Fresh flowers need water to stay perky as we often have to place the florals an hour or so before the ceremony.  Avoiding droopy or wilted flowers at all costs requires a vase or a water source of some sort to ensure hydration.


This style of vase and ribbon tie lends itself to a tilted style of aisle vase. Technique by Flower Duet.

There are great aisle decor for certain kinds of seating with floral cages attached or just a single vial, but often we were looking for something in between. We have found very few options for a flat bottomed, clear container generous enough to hold enough flowers to make a statement for the aisle, but small enough not to bother guests while seated.

Also these hanging beauties could make the move to cocktail tables or enhance the sweetheart table or cake table following the ceremony.  In the past I had tied a ribbon around the lip of a mason jar and the screwed on the outer lid to secure it. This worked well, as long as mason jars were part of the theme.

I had a few similar smaller vases and realized they all had a slight gathering to them and might actually handle a ribbon tied in a certain fashion to manage a foolproof hold.  After playing with some ribbon, I was successful.  With this technique, the vases actually hang straight up and flowers can be placed on either side of the ribbon. The ribbon can be tied short or long depending on the type of seating.

A variety of vases offer different ways to tie ribbon for aisle decor. Techniques by Flower Duet.

A variety of vases offer different ways to tie ribbon for aisle decor. Techniques by Flower Duet.

The other style lends itself well with a slight tip of the vase.  The joy of selecting the ribbon is a great way to add the accent color to the event.  Àqua, Navy and Turquoise have been popular themed colors and since flowers don’t naturally come in those colors, ribbon does the trick.

Flower Duet is creating a new video series to show you just how to create these vases along with many more tricks of our trade. Stay tuned for our New “Finish with Flowers” series or #finishwithflowers.

Flower Book Recommendation: The Art of Floral Design

By Kit Wertz

As Casey’s children returned to school last week, we think back to college days when we had to buy those new textbooks and had thoughts of, “I will attend every class” and “I will read this entire text book” and “This time, I will get an A!”

The Art of Floral Design by Norah T. Hunter is in its 3rd Edition and is the quintessential text book for floral design students. It’s been updated for modern times and can be purchased outright, rented or checked out of the library.

I was able to find a used 2nd edition for about $15 on and you might come across a bargain at a book sale at your local library.

At a whopping list price of $354.95, you can find this 3rd Edition for sale on for about $278 for a new hardcover.

Why is it so expensive? It is comprehensive. It covers the history of floral design and covers all aspects of running a floral shop. The text is divided into  five sections: Theory and Design, Flower and Foliage, Basic Techniques and Styles, Beyond the Basics and The Floral Industry. It offers two Appendices on Flowers and Foliages and a Glossary of Floral terms.

There is still something to be desired about having a printed, published book that’s been vetted for years by experts and edited by professionals.

In short, this “expensive” textbook is very much worth it and if you love floral design like we do, it may just be the only textbook you read all the way through.

Your Bridal Bouquet: A Survey

flowerduet-peony-bouquetWe create bridal bouquets every week and have shared photos of the bouquets we had for our own weddings among our team of designers at Flower Duet. It made us curious about our readers. When were you married? How did that reflect your bridal bouquet style? What colors were in your bouquet?

We would love to hear from you and when we compile the results, we’ll create an info graphic about it to publish next month! We would love to know. Fill out our survey below or leave a comment!

  • In which decade did you marry?
  • What season?
  • Which flowers?
  • Color theme?
  • Shape of Bouquet? Round, cascade….not sure? Send us a picture.
  • Knowing what you know now about flowers…..what would your bouquet of choice be if you were to go back in time and re-do your bouquet? Same or completely different?

Take the survey here: 

Wedding Bouquet Survey

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