Florist Gift Guide

We love a great tool, book or handy heal­ing skin­care prod­uct and want to share what we love with you, too! We’ve curat­ed a list of items on our own cus­tomized guide! You can see the actu­al items we use in the stu­dio and at home to help guide our lives as pro­fes­sion­al florists.

Gift Idea #1: Gift Certificates

Flower Arrang­ing Skills: Do you have a friend who has always want­ed to learn about flower design? We can help — whether your friend lives in LA or any­where else!

Shop Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate

Gift Idea #2: Florist Tools

If you’re like us, you LOVE a good tool. We use lots of tools every day at our stu­dio and dur­ing installs. Here is our selec­tion of essen­tials in our new curat­ed list.

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Floral Cutters

Gift Idea #3: Book Recommendations

There are flower arrang­ing books, flower indus­try books, and super fun cozy flower mys­tery books.
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The Posy Book

Gift Idea #4: Skincare

We are so busy some­times, that it is very hard to main­tain any sort of “rou­tine” skin­care, but here are a few items we do love and help out a lot, espe­cial­ly with dry hands from work­ing so much with wet & rough flower stems.

Shop Flower Duet’s Skin­care Choices


Gift Idea #5: Florist Friendly Clothing & Accessories

Want to dress like a florist? Think pock­ets, stretch, and lay­ers… plus our favorite acces­sories inside the stu­dio and on location.

Shop Kit & Casey’s Clothes & Acces­sories Favorites

Casey in action

Give yourself the Gift of a Flower Design Class with us in 2024!

Attend a class with us in 2024! We are still “trav­el­ing the world of flow­ers” and “vis­it” a new coun­try each month to cel­e­brate a nation­al flower, tra­di­tion or native grow­er in our designs.