If you teach flo­ral design, offer stu­dents extra flower class tips after the class to keep the rela­tion­ship alive. We offer a lot of flo­ral infor­ma­tion at every class we teach, whether at our stu­dio in Tor­rance, Cal­i­for­nia, or at a com­pa­ny’s offices in a large con­fer­ence room. As a take­away, we offer more free infor­ma­tion online that changes as the sea­son changes.

The main page we offer these extra tips is our TIPS page! You can pre­view it any­time on our site to get an idea of how to pro­vide your stu­dents and clients a lit­tle more infor­ma­tion and get them to come to your web­site to see oth­er offer­ings you may have. For exam­ple, we list all of our in-house work­shops and our online classes.

Roses book cover

You can use this type of page as a lead gen­er­a­tor too…collect emails and offer a free eBook in exchange.  Check out an exam­ple of our “Ros­es eBook­let” peo­ple can down­load for free, too.

On this page, we also offer a quick “top ten tips” video to help entice stu­dents to sign up for our online cours­es of which there are more than 280 to choose from — most of them being avail­able once they sign up for our month­ly Flower Arrang­ing Fri­day’s subscription.