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Flower Duet recommends these floral cutters

Floral Cutter

So…what is the best tool to cut flower stems when you are flower arranging?

Most professional florists use floral knives. Knives are easy to keep sharp which will bring you the best results when you are trimming stems for floral arrangements. It is key to make sure that the cuts you make to a floral stem are clean. When we teach our flower design classes; however, we use the floral shears pictured above. This is because when students are just learning the new skill of flower arranging, we feel it’s a bit safer to go with an easy to grip floral shear.

We’ve tried a lot of cutters over the years and these 7.5″ Bunch Cutters by Clauss are the BEST we’ve found (pictured above). If you are beginner and you want a good pair of shears, these are the ones. Whatever tool you use, the blade or blades should be sharp. The cleaner the cut on the stem, the longer it will last in the vase! If you want to buy these floral shears you can purchase them from us.

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