(Pic­tured above is Casey Schwartz of Flower Duet and Joy Hard­ing of The Hunt­ing­ton pose with the flow­ers that we were ready for stu­dents to pick up for our “Love in Bloom” class in February.)

We had a great class through the Hunt­ing­ton Library in Feb­ru­ary where we had sup­plies for peo­ple who came to the Hunt­ing­ton and picked up their buck­ets pf flow­ers and then went back home and made the arrange­ments at home using our pre-record­ed videos. The theme for Feb­ru­ary was Valen­tine’s because we did it the day before Valen­tine’s Day and we called it “Love in Bloom.” Stu­dents were able to do two dif­fer­ent designs.

We were influ­enced by dif­fer­ent art­work at the Hunt­ing­ton: The Tem­ple of Love, Mary Cassatt’s “Break­fast in Bed” and a vin­tage Valen­tine collection.

For March, we return to The Hunt­ing­ton and focus on the Greene and Greene col­lec­tion. We’re call­ing it “Greene and Greens” and will be cre­at­ing an all-green design that is very suit­able to dec­o­rate interiors.

Casey Schwartz of Flower Duet will be the instruc­tor you can sign up at The Hunt­ing­ton’s Online tick­et website.

This is a vir­tu­al class.  The two options are to sign up for vir­tu­al only or to go to the Hunt­ing­ton and pick up your Flow­ers and sup­plies there on March 20, 2021.

Buckets of Flowers

Buck­ets of Flow­ers ready to be picked up

Greene & Greens Class Signup