In the stu­dio, we wear lay­ers of cloth­ing to help guard against being chilly in the win­ter and too hot in the sum­mer. Here are some of Kit & Casey’s favorites!

Kit & Casey’s Favorite “Flower” Action Clothes

We grew up with L.L. Bean and Lands End, so that is where a lot of our sta­ples come from. We also love the Gap fam­i­ly with great go-to items from Ath­le­ta. Shoes are whichev­er ones give the best arch sup­port and we love the cus­tomer ser­vice at Road Run­ner Sports.

Fleece — LLBean 

We like fleece jack­ets from every­where because they keep us warm, move with us, and look great! They work well under down vests as a lay­er and you’ll see Kit in one that is ivory. Casey likes more col­or­ful ver­sions like this one from LLBean.

LL Bean Fleece

Puffer Vests — Lands End

When our broth­er was a Boy Scout, he made his own vest from down. We’ve always loved this ver­sion and the Ther­mo­lite ver­sion, too. Vests are great for ear­ly-morn­ing flower runs into the cool­er as well as late-night sojourns back to a venue to retrieve the rental arch!

Lands End Puffer Vest

Light­weight Zip-Up Jackets 

We love light­weight zip-up jack­ets from any­where, real­ly. This one from Cham­pi­on fits the bill nice­ly. We’ve lots of them in black with our Flower Duet Logo on it and oth­er col­ors, too! You can find this style in any ath­let­ic brand from Lul­ule­mon to Nike to Athleta.

Zip Up Jacket

Cash­mere Sweaters — Lands End

Wool real­ly is the best fab­ric when it comes to win­ter warmth. These days, high-qual­i­ty cash­mere and meri­no can last a life­time and keep us warm and com­fort­able. Kit loves the cash­mere turtle­necks from Lands End. You’ll see her sport­ing these all win­ter long in the stu­dio and at fan­cy events, too!

Kit Cashmere


Pants: Easy to Move and with Pock­ets — Athleta

With all the bend­ing down and stretch­ing on a lad­der we do, we need pants that move with us. Pants with stretch and pock­ets are the best types for flower arrang­ing and flower installs.



Tanks that cov­er — Duluth Trading 

We love the “no-yank tank tops” from Duluth. Hands down…the best first lay­er. Great under a polo or zip-up jack­et for deliv­er­ies. Great in general.



Shoes — Brooks from Road Run­ner Sports

These are Kit’s favorite shoes, but any­thing with arch sup­port is great. Road Run­ner sports will take advanced mea­sure­ments of your feet to help you find the best shoe for you. We both love their cus­tomer ser­vice and their cus­tom insoles.

Brooks Shoe


Cross­body Purse to Keep Hands Free — DaKine

Both of us have boo­gie board bags from DaKine that are over 20 years old. The zip­pers still work! Despite sand and salt, they are amaz­ing qual­i­ty bags. This is also true of their wom­en’s hand­bags. Kit is on her third bag because she loves chang­ing up her flo­ral pat­tern from time to time! We also love cross­body bags that can hold cell phones, tools, and zip ties and keep our hands free, too!

Dakine Bag


Hid­den wallet/Phone hold­er — Flipbelt

Casey’s “purse” of choice is a Flip­belt that she actu­al­ly wears under her shirts and jack­ets. It holds her keys, phone and mini wal­let and that’s all she needs to be on-site while mov­ing large arrange­ments, stands, arch decor and more.




Fin­ger­less Gloves — Daiso

We wear these to pro­tect our hands but still be able to use our fin­ger­tips for pre­cise work when wiring flow­ers for bou­ton­nieres and corsages.

Partially fingerless gloves with grip from Daiso

Embroi­dered Jeans — Free People

Casey took up embroi­der­ing again (after learn­ing it as a Girl Scout many moons ago) dur­ing the pan­dem­ic shut­down when she was­n’t sewing cloth masks. She has embell­ished a num­ber of her own jeans and loves to wear them for flower gigs. Here is a fun pair from Free Peo­ple that we know you’ll love, too!

Free People flower jeans