Our pump­kin flow­ers caught the eye of a write from Buz­zFeed and we were hap­py to know that there are some things pos­i­tive online!

Pumpkin vase flowers

Here is what Buz­zFeed is known for:

Buz­zFeed, Inc. is a pre­mier dig­i­tal media com­pa­ny for the most diverse, most online, and most social­ly engaged gen­er­a­tion the world has ever seen.”

The arti­cle called “14 Flo­ral Arrange­ment Hacks That Are Sim­ply Divine” by writer Leono­ra Epstein was pub­lished Feb 19, 2014. I think we were post­ing a lot on our blog and this was a how-to I post­ed from 2012.

Here is the link to our pump­kin flow­ers vase how-to on our website.