A few years back I dis­cov­ered the work of Ingrid Carozzi and her flower com­pa­ny Tin Can Stu­dios in New York. I loved her use of recy­cled vas­es, local­ly grown flow­ers, and asym­met­ri­cal designs.

I still love her work and would high­ly rec­om­mend the book she pub­lished in 2021, Flow­ers by Design: Cre­at­ing Arrange­ments for Your Space.

Ingrid Carozzi

Cred­it: Flow­ers By Design Book by Ingrid Carozzi

Who this Book is For

Flower design enthu­si­asts who like the mod­ern style of a few choice flow­ers in a vase using chick­en wire and pin frogs as architecture.

What this Book Offers


Cred­it: Flow­ers By Design Book by Ingrid Carozzi

Insight into how a florist sur­vived the pan­dem­ic impact of COVID-19 shut­downs and piv­ot­ed to a new way of offer­ing her ser­vices. Unique design ideas are influ­enced by her “Tastemak­er” friends who are inte­ri­or design­ers, painters, con­tent cre­ators, and more. It’s a cool way to show­case her flo­ral style by being inspired by oth­er peo­ple’s art and work. I love this sec­tion of the book.

Where to Find Flowers to Make the Designs in the Book

Ingrid talks about using local­ly grown flow­ers that are in sea­son. In fact, in her process sec­tion, she talks about going to her local flower mar­ket — New York Flower Mar­ket — and being inspired by what she finds there to cre­ate her designs. She sug­gests find­ing your local farmer or farm­ers’ mar­ket. If you are lucky to live in Los Ange­les, there is a ven­dor at the SoCal Flower Mar­ket called Gath­er Flo­ra that fea­tures exclu­sive­ly local­ly grown flow­ers. You can sign up for their mail­ing list to see what you can order from local farm­ers when it’s harvested.

When this Book Was Published

This book was pub­lished in 2021 and the designs that Ingrid fea­tures with­in the pages are spot on trend. She talks about sus­tain­abil­i­ty in vas­es and flowers.

Why is this Book a Good One for My Flower Library

Those of you who have tak­en class­es with me know that we have an exten­sive flo­ral book library. Many of these we’ve pur­chased and many have been thought­ful­ly donat­ed to us by friends, stu­dents and clients. You also may know how much I love my library to check out books and then see if this is one to get for my own library to refer to again and again. My rec­om­men­da­tion is to get this book if you want to recre­ate its designs and it’s so pret­ty it can dou­ble as a cof­fee table, book, too. Not sure? Try to check it out from your library first and see if you want to own it.

How Can I Find This Book

Local library or pur­chase from your local book­seller or online at Amazon.com.

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