Leftovers Flowers are Fun!

Flowers that is…not meatloaf. When planning, budgeting and buying for an event, we always buy extra flowers. It is a smart move, as you have to allow for breakage, as well as last minute additions. If you plan well and are a bit lucky you will end up with very few flowers at the end of the event. Having way too many is not a great feeling budget wise, and being short flowers is bad for the belly and the client. We had a wedding last Monday at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills and thankfully had a few extra red roses which we needed to add to the aisle petals, were able to give the 3 chair vendors one rose each as well as to the Park Ranger who was very kind and helpful. Upon arriving back to the studio I had very few flowers and greenery left, but decided to put this tall arrangement together. It looks nothing like anything I did for the wedding, but it is made up of all of its components. Fresh Curly Willow, Myrtle, Akito roses and Italian Ruscus. We love a few leftovers.

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