Live Like a Flower

Check out the “Live Like a Flower” guide from the Society of American Florists!

Calla Lily Bouquet

If I were to live like a flower, I’d be a Calla Lily. Tall, slender and elegant…always! Flower Design by Flower Duet. Photo by: Kit Wertz

From site:

“Just like women, flowers come in every shape and color, flourish in bunches and with love and care, they transform from buds to blossoms. Because there are many life lessons we can gather from beautiful, resilient flowers as they grow from seedling to stem, the Society of American Florists and created Live Like a Flower, a series of pieces of advice from well-known experts in life and happiness. Through the easy-to-follow advice of authors, speakers, designers and more, we can learn to bloom like a flower and live life to its fullest and most rewarding.”

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