Now enrolling our sum­mer Liv­ing Art Camp! All lessons are online and you have an option to pick up sup­plies and flow­ers that are stu­dio! There are 12 weeks of dif­fer­ent themes! Great for kids ages 7 and

Living Art Camp

Flower Duet’s Own­ers Kit and Casey (and their chil­dren) set a course for adven­ture with you and explore the world of flow­ers through art, Minecraft, LEGOS, Enchant­ed Forests, Galax­ies Far, Far, Away and More!

The empha­sis of each camp will be on the Art of Flo­ral Design, but this study requires all aspects of sci­ence, tech­nol­o­gy, engi­neer­ing, art, and math!

  • Sci­ence of Dying Flow­ers Dif­fer­ent Colors
  • Art of How to Choose Fresh Flowers
  • Sci­ence of How to Keep Flow­ers Fresh
  • Mak­ing a Flower Bou­quet to Send a Message
  • We work as a Team to Engi­neer a Struc­ture and Attach Flowers
  • Use Math to Make a prof­it with Fundrais­ing Flowers
  • Explore the Sci­ence of Dying Fab­ric with Flow­ers & Organ­ic Mate­ri­als like Seed Pits
  • Artis­tic Jew­el­ry Box­es & Trea­sure Chests
  • How we Use Tech­nol­o­gy in the Flo­ral Business
  • Engi­neer­ing Tech­niques in Flo­ral Design

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