Keep kids happy with Art this Fall!

Hey…we started this wonderful online camp in June 2020…and now almost all themes are LIVE! You can order any theme of camp! Any time!

Kit and Casey, Own­ers and Instruc­tors and Moms at Flower Duet.…and their chil­dren set a course for adven­ture with you and explore the world of flow­ers through art, Minecraft, Legos, Enchant­ed Forests, Galax­ies Far, Far, Away and More!




Hear from our Moms and Campers!



“Lots of wow in the Beach Week unbox­ing! Kai was excit­ed to see you wrote him a note inside the box. He is fas­ci­nat­ed by the sand dol­lar, tilland­sia and sun print, and thought every­thing was cool inside.”
Living Art Camp Infographic

S.T.E.A.M & Flower Design?

Exam­ples of Camp Activ­i­ties fea­tur­ing S.T.E.A.M. Topics:
The empha­sis of each camp will be on the Art of Flo­ral Design, but this study requires all aspects of sci­ence, tech­nol­o­gy, engi­neer­ing, art, and math!

  • Sci­ence of Dying Flow­ers Dif­fer­ent Colors
  • Art of How to Choose Fresh Flowers
  • Sci­ence of How to Keep Flow­ers Fresh
  • Mak­ing a Flower Bou­quet to Send a Message
  • We work as a Team to Engi­neer a Struc­ture and Attach Flowers
  • Use Math to Make a prof­it with Fundrais­ing Flowers
  • Explore the Sci­ence of Dying Fab­ric with Flow­ers & Organ­ic Mate­ri­als like Seed Pits
  • Artis­tic Jew­el­ry Box­es & Trea­sure Chests
  • How we Use Tech­nol­o­gy in the Flo­ral Business
  • Engi­neer­ing Tech­niques in Flo­ral Design

In 2019, we held sum­mer Liv­ing Art Camp at our stu­dio with kids ages 7–15. It was a fun-filled week of art projects fea­tur­ing flow­ers, green­ery, and more organ­ic mate­ri­als. Here are some pho­tos from the sum­mer of 2019.

Girls make flowers in Flower Duet's 2019 LIving Art Flower Camp

Girls pre­pare their flower vas­es in Flower Duet’s 2019 LIv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Students listen to Casey outside our studio in Los Angeles during our 2019 Living Art Flower Camp

Stu­dents lis­ten to Casey out­side our stu­dio in Los Ange­les dur­ing our 2019 Liv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Kids Flower Camp 2019

A stu­dent shows off his flower-dyed fab­ric bag dur­ing Flower Duet’s 2019 Liv­ing Art Flower Camp.

A camper prepares a stem at our 2019 LIving Art Flower Camp

A camper pre­pares a stem at our 2019 LIv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Some of the campers pose with their vases of fresh floral designs during our 2019 Living Art Camp.

Some of the campers pose with their vas­es of fresh flo­ral designs dur­ing our 2019 Liv­ing Art Camp.

Your Living Art Guides: Kit & Casey

Kit Wertz

Kit Wertz of Flower Duet

This camp fits right into many S.T.E.A.M cur­ricu­lums, too! As small busi­ness own­ers and design­ers of flow­ers for lux­u­ry clients like Chanel, BMW, and Lexus, we use sci­ence to keep our flow­ers fresh and last a long time in the vase. We need tech­nol­o­gy to run our busi­ness and work as our own IT experts with our mar­ket­ing web­site and account­ing pro­grams. We engi­neer new struc­tures for clients every week with saws, drills, and mus­cle.  Mak­ing pret­ty art with flow­ers at a prof­it is not pos­si­ble with­out strong math skills. We use math every day when plac­ing orders for fresh flow­ers and plants and mak­ing sure we have enough sup­plies to see us through each client’s order. The skills of S.T.E.A.M. are essen­tial for us and we’ll pass on those skills to you — whether you are a par­ent, kid or flower enthu­si­ast dur­ing our week­ly Liv­ing Art Camps!

About Kit & Casey

Kit & Casey are entre­pre­neur­ial sis­ters and moms with kids in the local pub­lic schools of the South Bay of Los Ange­les. We start­ed our busi­ness 20 years ago out of our homes and have occu­pied a 4,500 square-foot ware­house and stu­dio space in Tor­rance for the last decade. We have appeared on nation­al tele­vi­sion shows, been fea­tured in the major mag­a­zines includ­ing Sun­set and Florists’ Review and major news­pa­pers includ­ing the Los Ange­les TimesWash­ing­ton Post and The New York Times for our flo­ral design work and are sought after pub­lic speak­ers in the flo­ral and wed­ding indus­try. We have been teach­ing flo­ral design class­es since we found­ed our busi­ness and are the “Art of Flo­ral Design” con­tract­ed instruc­tors for The Hunt­ing­ton Library, Art Muse­um and Botan­i­cal Gar­den edu­ca­tion pro­gram for the last 13 years. We have taught thou­sands of adults and hun­dreds of chil­dren in the art of flo­ral design. Flower Duet is a proud mem­bers of to help pro­mote local­ly grown flow­ers every­where, but espe­cial­ly in our home state of California.

Casey Coleman Schwartz

Casey Cole­man Schwartz of Flower Duet

Here is an exam­ple of a Liv­ing Art Camp Sup­plies Box — Each week will fea­ture dif­fer­ent items.

Living Art CAmp