Keep Kiddos Busy! Living Art Camp Boxes are Almost Here!!!

WEEK 1: June 22–26, 2020

Hawaiian Week Floral Camp

Option­al “Pick-Me-Up-Buck­ets” at our Tor­rance Stu­dio that will accom­pa­ny each week’s camp theme.

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WEEK 2: June 29 — July 3, 2020

Week 2 Living Art Camp

In con­junc­tion with, we will be Cel­e­brat­ing Amer­i­can Flow­ers Week in our June 29-July 3 online camp!

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WEEK 3: July 6–10, 2020

Classic Art Week

Learn about how artists use flow­ers as inspi­ra­tion in art from the Dutch Mas­ters to Van Gogh to con­tem­po­rary instal­la­tion artists who use live flow­ers in whole gallery exibits.

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WEEK 4: July 13–17, 2020

Garden Flowers Camp Week

It’s high sea­son for cut flower gar­dens. Pur­chase stems from your local farmer and we show you how to design with them in many ways along with oth­er art projects fea­tur­ing flow­ers in this week’s camp!

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More Weeks to Come in 2020

There are more weeks to come in 2020. Here are upcoming themed Living Art Camp — Online instruction with optional flowers weeks to come:

Gamer Week: Inspired by Minecraft

Wiz­ard Week: For Har­ry Pot­ter Fans

Suc­cu­lent Week: For Cac­ti Friends

Beach Week: Who Does­n’t Love Sandy Shores?

Out­er Space: May the Force Be with All of Us

Ani­mal Lovers: We Love Ani­mals and Flow­ers

Build­ing Bricks: For Lego Fans

And more.…

Remember, each week theme includes five projects that all have aspects of STEAM and the theme for the week.

Living Art Camp Infographic

S.T.E.A.M & Flower Design?

Exam­ples of Camp Activ­i­ties fea­tur­ing S.T.E.A.M. Top­ics:
The empha­sis of each camp will be on the Art of Flo­ral Design, but this study requires all aspects of sci­ence, tech­nol­o­gy, engi­neer­ing, art, and math!

  • Sci­ence of Dying Flow­ers Dif­fer­ent Col­ors
  • Art of How to Choose Fresh Flow­ers
  • Sci­ence of How to Keep Flow­ers Fresh
  • Mak­ing a Flower Bou­quet to Send a Mes­sage
  • We work as a Team to Engi­neer a Struc­ture and Attach Flow­ers
  • Use Math to Make a prof­it with Fundrais­ing Flow­ers
  • Explore the Sci­ence of Dying Fab­ric with Flow­ers & Organ­ic Mate­ri­als like Seed Pits
  • Artis­tic Jew­el­ry Box­es & Trea­sure Chests
  • How we Use Tech­nol­o­gy in the Flo­ral Busi­ness
  • Engi­neer­ing Tech­niques in Flo­ral Design

In 2019, we held sum­mer Liv­ing Art Camp at our stu­dio with kids ages 7–15. It was a fun-filled week of art projects fea­tur­ing flow­ers, green­ery, and more organ­ic mate­ri­als. Here are some pho­tos from the sum­mer of 2019.

Girls make flowers in Flower Duet's 2019 LIving Art Flower Camp

Girls pre­pare their flower vas­es in Flower Duet’s 2019 LIv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Students listen to Casey outside our studio in Los Angeles during our 2019 Living Art Flower Camp

Stu­dents lis­ten to Casey out­side our stu­dio in Los Ange­les dur­ing our 2019 Liv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Kids Flower Camp 2019

A stu­dent shows off his flower-dyed fab­ric bag dur­ing Flower Duet’s 2019 Liv­ing Art Flower Camp.

A camper prepares a stem at our 2019 LIving Art Flower Camp

A camper pre­pares a stem at our 2019 LIv­ing Art Flower Camp.

Some of the campers pose with their vases of fresh floral designs during our 2019 Living Art Camp.

Some of the campers pose with their vas­es of fresh flo­ral designs dur­ing our 2019 Liv­ing Art Camp.

Your Living Art Guides: Kit & Casey

Kit Wertz

Kit Wertz of Flower Duet

This camp fits right into many S.T.E.A.M cur­ricu­lums, too! As small busi­ness own­ers and design­ers of flow­ers for lux­u­ry clients like Chanel, BMW, and Lexus, we use sci­ence to keep our flow­ers fresh and last a long time in the vase. We need tech­nol­o­gy to run our busi­ness and work as our own IT experts with our mar­ket­ing web­site and account­ing pro­grams. We engi­neer new struc­tures for clients every week with saws, drills, and mus­cle.  Mak­ing pret­ty art with flow­ers at a prof­it is not pos­si­ble with­out strong math skills. We use math every day when plac­ing orders for fresh flow­ers and plants and mak­ing sure we have enough sup­plies to see us through each client’s order. The skills of S.T.E.A.M. are essen­tial for us and we’ll pass on those skills to you — whether you are a par­ent, kid or flower enthu­si­ast dur­ing our week­ly Liv­ing Art Camps!

About Kit & Casey

Kit & Casey are entre­pre­neur­ial sis­ters and moms with kids in the local pub­lic schools of the South Bay of Los Ange­les. We start­ed our busi­ness 20 years ago out of our homes and have occu­pied a 4,500 square-foot ware­house and stu­dio space in Tor­rance for the last decade. We have appeared on nation­al tele­vi­sion shows, been fea­tured in the major mag­a­zines includ­ing Sun­set and Florists’ Review and major news­pa­pers includ­ing the Los Ange­les TimesWash­ing­ton Post and The New York Times for our flo­ral design work and are sought after pub­lic speak­ers in the flo­ral and wed­ding indus­try. We have been teach­ing flo­ral design class­es since we found­ed our busi­ness and are the “Art of Flo­ral Design” con­tract­ed instruc­tors for The Hunt­ing­ton Library, Art Muse­um and Botan­i­cal Gar­den edu­ca­tion pro­gram for the last 13 years. We have taught thou­sands of adults and hun­dreds of chil­dren in the art of flo­ral design. Flower Duet is a proud mem­bers of to help pro­mote local­ly grown flow­ers every­where, but espe­cial­ly in our home state of Cal­i­for­nia.

Casey Coleman Schwartz

Casey Cole­man Schwartz of Flower Duet

Here is an exam­ple of a Liv­ing Art Camp Sup­plies Box — Each week will fea­ture dif­fer­ent items.

Living Art CAmp