Flower Duet’s Charitable Giving

Each year we are asked to spon­sor a mul­ti­tude of events through flow­ers. One of our favorite char­i­ta­ble giv­ing projects is to help our local schools and school dis­tricts to raise mon­ey for chil­dren’s pro­grams and sup­port­ing young adults.

This annu­al school fundrais­er for the school where my twins attend­ed was for the PTA to help fund projects like art in the class­room, gar­den lessons, class­room sup­plies, chrome­books and oth­er tech­nol­o­gy, books and more. Dur­ing last year’s PTA fundrais­er (Flower Duet pro­vid­ed the flow­ers at a sig­nif­i­cant dis­count), the school raised enough funds to erect two giant shade struc­tures for lunch-time din­ing outdoors.

Casey from Flower Duet setting up a floral design for an Elementary School PTA fundraiser

Casey from Flower Duet set­ting up a flo­ral design for an Ele­men­tary School PTA fundrais­er. Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz

Awards Ceremony Flowers & Everyday Design Donations

We’ve pro­vid­ed flow­ers to the twins’ school fundrais­ers, awards cer­e­monies and oth­er events at reduced fees in order to help the school achieve its fis­cal goals. In addi­tion to vol­un­teer­ing as an art docent and gar­den docent, I also chaired a schol­ar­ship pro­gram at the school for three years.

With the left­over flow­ers we had from events, I would make fresh bou­quets and bring them to the front office staff to help bright­en their days and the days of every­one who entered the school. For any local florist who has young kids in school, this is a great way to forge a friend­ship with school staff. I know!

Flower Duet was pleased to once again to be tapped to help the school raise funds (even though my kids are in mid­dle school now). Here are some pho­tos from the event set­up. The theme was Mia­mi Vice so we did tall trop­i­cal designs high­light­ed with pink and orange flow­ers. We thought it matched the event theme perfectly!

Miami Vice Silent Auction Charitable Giving Fundraiser

Miami Vice

The event theme col­ors are reflect­ed in this silent auc­tion item for an elec­tric bike.

Pink Tropical flowers in Ballroom

The ball­room set­up for 30 tables with tall gold stands and trop­i­cals on top. Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

Plastic Flamingos on a Green Lawn with a Kids parties sign

The out­door lawn area at Palos Verdes Golf Club was occu­pied by plas­tic flamin­gos and posters adver­tis­ing bid­ding options for the evening.

Candy Table

The can­dy table includes one of our “cock­tail” sized flo­ral designs for the event. Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

Tall Tropical Design in Ballroom

Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.