All pho­tos by Kit Wertz for Flower Duet.

Here’s a look at a beau­ti­ful wed­ding with pho­tos tak­en by Kit dur­ing our install we did August 28, 2021 for a long-time flower friend. One of our love­ly free­lance design­er’s daugh­ter was mar­ried and we were so pleased to be able to put the wed­ding flow­ers togeth­er for this fan­tas­tic fam­i­ly. The wed­ding was delayed by over a year because of covid and we were so hap­py we could final­ly help the fam­i­ly cel­e­brate yes­ter­day at the fab­u­lous @vibianaevents with the won­der­ful and tal­ent­ed Monique Atwell from @asignaturewedding.

Pew decor

Pew dec­o­ra­tions with lots of tex­ture and flow­ers and ribbons!

Vibiana ceremony

Vib­iana cer­e­mo­ny look before the can­dles were lit!

The altar

Vib­iana was a cathe­dral for the Catholic Church at the turn of the 20th cen­tu­ry. This was the altar area and is now used for cer­e­monies and the band stand for live music! Our flo­rals looked right at home!

Wedding sign

We did not use any flo­ral foam in this sign! Just green­ery and vials for the flowers.

The groom

The grooms­men pose for pho­tos with the groom with a cock­tail flo­ral design in the foreground.

Greeting flowers

It’s always a good idea to greet guests with flow­ers when they enter the venue!

Head Table

The head table is ready for guests!


One of the tex­tur­al cen­ter­pieces for the recep­tion at Vibiana.

Vibiana Flowers room

Vibrant flo­rals at Vib­iana for wed­ding on August 28, 2021.