Flo­ral crowns can be impact­ful with just a few blooms. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

For the Field to Vase Din­ner we designed in Carls­bad, we were tasked with cre­at­ing an easy DIY flo­ral crown sta­tion. There were lots of peo­ple who took advan­tage of the fresh flow­ers pro­vid­ed by the local San Diego farms who donat­ed for the din­ner includ­ed Dramm & Echter, Mel­lano & Com­pa­ny and Resendiz Broth­ers.

Here are just a few pho­tos to give you an easy DIY flo­ral crown and a PDF down­load so you can print out your own instruc­tions for your own DIY Flo­ral Crown for your next bridal show­er, birth­day par­ty or girls night out event! Head to your local farmer or gro­cery stores and pick up the sup­plies!

Non-floral Supplies:

Floral Supplies:


Stems should be no more than 2 inch­es long, don’t need to be wired and can be attached with either bind­ing wire or flo­ral tape. Add each ele­ment sep­a­rate­ly and over­lap them slight­ly. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.


Here is a close­up detail shot of the final crown. The spray rose was attached first, then the wax flower and then the rus­cus leaves. The green flo­ral tape blends in with the cov­ered wire so it’s not dis­tract­ing from the flow­ers in the design. These types of crowns can be cre­at­ed quick­ly with just a few blooms and are designed to be worn just off cen­ter. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.