Travel with Flower Duet to Thailand!

We are so excit­ed to kick off our in-per­son class­es (also avail­able online) for 2021 with a trip to Thai­land. This year’s month­ly class­es will have us globe-trot­ting through flow­ers since we can­not get on a plane right now. This class fea­tures den­dro­bi­um orchids,  just one of the many Orchids grown for the cut flower indus­try. In 1966 only a small amount of orchids were export­ed from Thai­land to some Euro­pean coun­tries. Then with­in a decade, the coun­try became the world’s lead­ing pro­duc­er and exporter and still is today. Cut flow­ers are export­ed to 148 coun­tries and plants to 160 countries.

Casey has been to over 72 coun­tries and one of them was Thai­land. Most of these coun­tries were reached by one of the 7 ships she worked aboard. This is Cunard’s Sea God­dess and Casey work­ing the front desk. These ships were known as “Ultra Lux­u­ry” cruises.

Our home ports on this ship in Asia were Sin­ga­pore and Bali, and we called to Phuket, Thai­land often. It is pro­nounced Poo-ket. The heat, the ener­gy and the vibe in Thai­land was exot­ic. Orchids were in every hotel lob­by, restau­rant and grow­ing wild every­where. I was always attract­ed to them and still find joy work­ing with them.


JANUARY 16, 2021 — Orchids of Thailand — the history, current floral production and an in-person workshop on how to design with these gorgeous blooms.