Flower Duet's Thanksgiving Centerpiece Using Roses in a Pumpkin Shape

Flower Duet used over 50 ros­es to cre­ate this life-size pump­kin-shaped flo­ral cen­ter­piece. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

We had a few bunch­es of orange ros­es left from a wed­ding and instead of putting them into a com­post bin, Kit thought of a cool flo­ral cen­ter­piece that would work well for a fall-themed din­ner par­ty.  Whether you are hav­ing a fan­cy Hal­loween par­ty tonight, or a post Hal­loween Pump­kin Chunkin par­ty, orange ros­es work well as par­ty decorations.

This also would look great as a Thanks­giv­ing cen­ter­piece or on a side board for your feast guests. Thanksgiving table top floral idea

This pump­kin was made up of 50 orange ros­es in an 8‑inch flo­ral sphere. Kit shaved off the top of the sphere after she soaked it, placed it on a pedestal vase and added the ros­es in ver­ti­cal rows to make it look like a pump­kin. Then, she added wax flower bun­dles in between each rose col­umn to mim­ic the ridges in real pump­kins. Mini Euca­lyp­tus branch­es add the green “stem.” This would be a fun for Hal­loween or a Thanks­giv­ing table cen­ter­piece. You could also sub­sti­tute orange Chrysan­the­mums for the roses.

Compote Vase

Com­pote-style vas­es are very on trend now and work well to accen­tu­ate the round­ed pump­kin bot­tom of this design. Pho­to by Kit Wertz

Rose Pumpkin Centerpiece Supplies

  • 8‑inch Oasis flo­ral sphere
  • Knife
  • Pedestal vase or com­pote-style vase
  • 50 Orange ros­es: Try Voodoo, Mil­va or Con­fi­den­tial (40 cm works well…why pay for the stems when you are going to cut them off)
  • 1 bunch wax flower
  • 2–3 stems of any type of greenery
  • Oasis Flo­ral Adhe­sive — This helps to pre­vent the slip­pery rose stems from falling out of the foam near bot­tom of vase. After you cut the rose stem, apply a lit­tle glue to the side of them (don’t block the end of the stem) and insert into the foam. This will help lock the stems in place.