Thanksgiving Centerpieces: A Rose Flower Pumpkin

Flower Duet's Thanksgiving Centerpiece Using Roses in a Pumpkin Shape

Flower Duet used over 50 roses to create this life-size pumpkin-shaped floral centerpiece. Photo by Kit Wertz.

We had a few bunches of orange roses left from a wedding and instead of putting them into a compost bin, Kit thought of a cool floral centerpiece that would work well for a fall-themed dinner party.  Whether you are having a fancy Halloween party tonight, or a post Halloween Pumpkin Chunkin party, orange roses work well as party decorations.

This also would look great as a Thanksgiving centerpiece or on a side board for your feast guests. Thanksgiving table top floral idea

This pumpkin was made up of 50 orange roses in an 8-inch floral sphere. Kit shaved off the top of the sphere after she soaked it, placed it on a pedestal vase and added the roses in vertical rows to make it look like a pumpkin. Then, she added wax flower bundles in between each rose column to mimic the ridges in real pumpkins. Mini Eucalyptus branches add the green “stem.” This would be a fun for Halloween or a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. You could also substitute orange Chrysanthemums for the roses.

Compote Vase

Compote-style vases are very on trend now and work well to accentuate the rounded pumpkin bottom of this design. Photo by Kit Wertz

Rose Pumpkin Centerpiece Supplies

  • 8-inch Oasis floral sphere
  • Knife
  • Pedestal vase or compote-style vase
  • 50 Orange roses: Try Voodoo, Milva or Confidential (40 cm works well…why pay for the stems when you are going to cut them off)
  • 1 bunch wax flower
  • 2-3 stems of any type of greenery
  • Oasis Floral Adhesive – This helps to prevent the slippery rose stems from falling out of the foam near bottom of vase. After you cut the rose stem, apply a little glue to the side of them (don’t block the end of the stem) and insert into the foam. This will help lock the stems in place.


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  1. Sergio Freddson

    Now these are absolutely gorgeous. I love how simple and elegant these arrangements are. We have been looking for centerpiece ideas for my daughter’s wedding and I’ll definitely have to show her this concept. Thanks for posting – these are great!

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