Whoot! It’s Peony Season!


We love spring because that means we can pur­chase peonies at Trad­er Joes and the Flower Mar­ket. This pho­to was tak­en at our local TJs and this should sig­nal to you that you have  just a few weeks to buy these amaz­ing and fra­grant flowers.

This is how you should buy them.…when they are still closed but show­ing color.

When you get them home, trim off 1 inch of stem and put into water with flower food. Make sure you get your flow­ers in the water with­in 10 sec­onds of cut­ting the stems! They will open up at dif­fer­ent times from each oth­er, so maybe buy 2–3 bunch­es so you can enjoy them for the next 10 days.

You will see pinks, whites and even coral col­ored blooms at the stores now. Don’t delay!!!