Tussie-Mussie Bouquets

To prepare for our next floral design workshop at The Huntington Library in Pasadena, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Tussie-Mussie bouquets – which were popular during the Victorian era. Folks in those days believed every flower held a special meaning and often used flowers to send messages to each other.

I decided to look around my own garden and see what I could come up with and created a little tussie-mussie for my sister Casey. The theme I’ve given it is “sisterly love.” I used all flowers and herbs you can find in our own garden and here is what each flower means:

– Marigold: Affection (for each other)
– Celosia: Silliness (we are very silly)
– Yarrow: Health (always)
– Basil: Best wishes (for the future)
– Myrtle: Joy (she brings me joy all the time)
– Rose: Love (I love her very much!)

I placed this posy in a Tussie-mussie holder my mother-in-law, Elsa, gave me many years ago for a birthday (she knows all about my love for flowers).

I hope you enjoy looking at it and encourage you to look around your own garden and see what sort of flowers you can make into a posy with your own special meanings.

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