Valentine’s Day Heart Flower Tutorial

Valentine's Heart Flower ArrangementYou can create your own Valentine’s Day Heart that would be a wonderful gift for your sweetheart or a great decoration idea for a Valentine’s Day party. This would also make a great little project for your child to make for his or her teacher with your help. You can purchase smaller Oasis hearts.

Supplies Needed

  • One 8-inch Oasis Floral foam heart with plastic base
  • Commercial flower food
  • Floral shears or floral knife
  • 2 bunches mini pink Carnations

Total Cost: At wholesale prices, expect to pay about $8 for the foam and about $12 for the 2 bunches of mini pink Carnations.

Step 1: Soak the Valentine floral foam heart in warm water treated with flower food.

Oasis Foam Heart Soaked in Water and Flower Food


Step 2: Prep the carnations by conditioning them in water and flower food, the “pet” them open by gently brushing open the petals to fluff them to be as open as you can make them.

Start with 2 bunches of Mini Pink Carnations


Step 3: Cut each stem of the mini pink Carnations about 2 inches long.

Mini Carnation Stem Length


Step 4: Place each mini pink Carnation stem in rows in the floral foam at equal heights.



Step 5: Continue to cover the entire floral foam heart with mini Carnations.

Covered floral foam in mini Carnations

We hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial on how to create a Valentine’s Day Heart using mini Carnations. You could use red carnations or the red & white bi-color carnations, too!

We teach flower arranging at our design studio in the South Bay of Los Angeles, at The Huntington Library in San Marino, and at The South Coast Botanic Garden on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Please review our selection of upcoming  flower arranging workshops and classes.

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