Love Aeriums by Flower Duet

Love Aeri­ums fea­ture two types of air plants or tilland­sias.

As fea­tured in an arti­cle enti­tled, Show­er your Valen­tine’s Day love with Cal­i­for­nia-grown blos­soms, by Slow Flow­ers founder Debra Prinz­ing in the Los Ange­les Times today, Flower Duet has cre­ated a local­ly sourced Valentine’s Day gift with air plants, AKA tilland­sias, grown in our own South Bay neigh­bor­hood by the fan­tas­tic Rain­for­est Flo­ra.

This long-last­ing plant duo can rep­re­sent your bud­ding love. Each aeri­um fea­tures two types of liv­ing air plants, Span­ish Moss and a flow­er­ing Tilland­sia.  Each Valentine’s gift fea­tures a heart theme, red twine to hang the mini air gar­den, two liv­ing plants and pas­sion­ate red moss. Our Dew­drop aeri­um can also sit eas­ily on a table­top or desk.

Available to pickup or ship by Valentine’s Day — and beyond!

Order by Mon­day, Feb­ru­ary 9, 2015 for ship­ping in time for deliv­ery by Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to pick up a Heart Aeri­um or Dew­drop Aeri­um, call 310–792-4968 to order and arrange a time to pick up at our flo­ral design stu­dio in the South Bay of LA on Feb­ru­ary 13th or 14th!\

Our Mini Hang­ing Gar­den Heart and Dew­drop Aeri­ums will be for sale after this Valen­tine’s Day spe­cial, so please keep on order­ing or give us a call to see if we can express it to you!

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Flower Duet's hanging heart aerium

Hang­ing heart aeri­um from Flower Duet.

Dewdrop aerium by Flower Duet

Hang­ing Dew­drop Aeri­um with Heart by Flower Duet