Valentine’s Day Love Aeriums

Mini Gardens for your Loved One

Love Aeriums by Flower Duet

Love Aeriums feature two types of air plants or tillandsias.

As featured in an article entitled, Shower your Valentine’s Day love with California-grown blossoms, by Slow Flowers founder Debra Prinzing in the Los Angeles Times today, Flower Duet has cre­ated a locally sourced Valentine’s Day gift with air plants, AKA tilland­sias, grown in our own South Bay neigh­bor­hood by the fan­tas­tic Rain­for­est Flora.

This long-lasting plant duo can rep­re­sent your bud­ding love. Each aerium fea­tures two types of liv­ing air plants, Span­ish Moss and a flow­er­ing Tilland­sia.  Each Valentine’s gift fea­tures a heart theme, red twine to hang the mini air gar­den, two liv­ing plants and pas­sion­ate red moss. Our Dew­drop aerium can also sit eas­ily on a table­top or desk.

Available to pickup or ship by Valentine’s Day – and beyond!

Order by Monday, February 9, 2015 for ship­ping in time for delivery by Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to pick up a Heart Aerium or Dewdrop Aerium, call 310-792-4968 to order and arrange a time to pick up at our flo­ral design stu­dio in the South Bay of LA on Feb­ru­ary 13th or 14th!\

Our Mini Hanging Garden Heart and Dewdrop Aeriums will be for sale after this Valentine’s Day special, so please keep on ordering or give us a call to see if we can express it to you!

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Flower Duet's hanging heart aerium

Hanging heart aerium from Flower Duet.

Dewdrop aerium by Flower Duet

Hanging Dewdrop Aerium with Heart by Flower Duet

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