Flower Duet's Succulent Pumpkins for 2014

Flower Duet’s Fall 2014 ver­sion of the love­ly suc­cu­lent pump­kin using a squat white pump­kin and a vari­ety of Echev­e­ria, Aeo­ni­ums and Cras­su­la plants. Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

Last week we start­ed to cre­ate our suc­cu­lent pump­kin planters again just in time for fall enter­tain­ing, gift giv­ing and fall fund rais­ing ideas. If you want to learn how to cre­ate on of these your­self, we show you how in our step-by-step How to Cre­ate a Suc­cu­lent Pump­kin Planter arti­cle we designed and wrote for our Novem­ber 2013 newslet­ter. You can sign up for our newslet­ter any time and we’ll send you new ideas each month from our big wide world of flo­ral design here in love­ly Los Angeles.

Mini white succulent pumpkin planter gifts by Flower Duet.

Mini white suc­cu­lent pump­kin planters make per­fect gifts to friends and din­ner guests. Make them into place set­ting arrange­ments that each guest can take home after the par­ty! Flow­ers by Flower Duet. Pho­to by Kit Wertz.

We made these par­tic­u­lar pump­kins for our friend and col­league Meg Hall, a fan­tas­tic Los Ange­les celebri­ty chef who is the own­er of Made by Meg, a cafe and cater­ing com­pa­ny based in Redon­do Beach with a view of the Pacif­ic Ocean. Each pump­kin had an accent of pink pep­per berry — which is the per­fect accent to any food­ie on your gift list!