New Year – New Flowers

Okay…so it’s 2010 – wow! Time to re-think the floral design options? Tired of green and red combinations? Well…here is one 2010 floral trend idea. First, find a large glass cylinder vase or an extra large brandy glass vase like the one shown above. Then, take about five or six succulent blooms – preferably different types of echeveria or large aeonium blooms. You can find these at your local garden center. If you are not familiar with the names of different types of succulents, ask for some help. Remove the soil from the succulent plants and rinse off the soil so that the roots are clean before you add them to the arrangement. Check out our succulent bridal bouquet video for details. Fill the bottom of the vase with white and gray seashells. Make sure there isn’t any saltwater left on any shells. Carefully place the succulent blooms in the vase in a pleasing display. You can now accent with other shell or fresh flowers like white orchids or roses. If you choose to use flowers, place them in water tubes or “vials” you can obtain from a floral supply company like the Floral Supply Syndicate.  This design will look great for two weeks without any water! If you choose to keep it around longer, mist the succulents every two weeks or so until they start to loose their firm leaf feelings…then you know it’s time to put them back in the ground or pot with some cactus mix. Don’t bother re-cutting the stems before you plant them…they like the calloused treatment of the stem to promote new roots.

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