Flower Duet Sponsors #CabanaBoss Event

#CabanaBoss Leadership Summit 2017

Entrrance Flowers for #cabanaboss

Flower Duet created this flower design to greet guests as they arrived for the event. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

Flower Duet is a member of a wedding and event vendor think tank who meets to educate each other and our peers, to network with colleagues and develop professional relationships.

We call our group the Wedding & Event Heroes and we held our 4th Annual “Hero” Event called #CabanaBoss on May 15, 2017 at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.

Terranea Resort at Cielo Point for our WEHEROES event for 2017.

Terranea Resort at Cielo Point for our WEHEROES event for 2017. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

Our group, Wedding & Event Heroes, believes in sharing best-in-class ideas about how to work together, plan and create a perfect event with our vendor colleagues.

Yellow Tropical Floral Designs

Yellow tropical floral design for our #cabanaboss celebration at Terranea Resort in May. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography. Flowers by Flower Duet.

A Leadership Summit by the Pool

This year’s theme was the #CabanaBoss Leadership Summit where we all shared our experiences and expertise in regard to being a leader of our own organizations.

As business owners, we have employees and contractors we must keep motivated, educated and enthusiastic. As leaders, we need the same things and we shared how we accomplish these feats for ourselves and our workers.

Band in Pool Singing

VIPS Entertainment floated in the pool serenading the guests during the Cielo Piont. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

We were fortunate to hold our event next to the ocean at the Cielo Point Pool. Our live music vendor, Alistair Tober of The VIPs Entertainment put his band members in the pool to float around and perform wonderful live songs during our networking and brunch hour.

Avocado Crostini by Terranea

Avocado toast costal style at Terranea Resort for our #cabanaboss event in May. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

We created a sign for the hashtag #CabanaBoss out of Galax leaves to make it an easy way for our guests to blog and post about the day. In addition to the greenery sign, we made a number of orange and yellow tropical-themed florals for the poolside cocktail and coffee tables.

#cabanaboss sign by Flower Duet

We attached wooden letters to a frame and then added Galax leaves to create a botanical hashtag! Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography

Floating Flowers

Casey designed a cute way to float flowers in the pool using inflatable drink cozies!

Floating Flowers

Floats for flowers! We created a way to float some demure florals in the pool at Cielo Point (after the band got out!). Photo by Kit Wertz. Flowers by Flower Duet.

It was a beautiful spring day at the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean and we were delighted to be part of a wonderful group of vendors presenting to a top notch group of wedding planners and catering managers from Los Angeles and Orange County.

Guests network during brunch hour at #cabanaboss

Guests enjoy eating a scrumptious brunch provided by Terranea while networking. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography. Flowers by Flower Duet.

Gabby Norton of Cause We Can Events chats with Jackie Hanson from Design Visage

Gabby Norton of Cause We Can Events, right, chats with Jackie Hanson from Design Visage at #CabanaBoss. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

Eggs Benedict in a jar

Eggs Benedict in a easy to eat from mason jar. It was as good as it looks! Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

Casey and Kit talk to guests at #cabanaboss

Casey (at left) and Kit (right) talk to guests at our event for wedding and event industry planners at Terranea. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

During the brunch, our guests dined on delicious food prepared by Terranea’s excellent chef and catering staff. My favorite was a version of Eggs Benedict in a clear class you could eat with a spoon!

Servers were passing a champagne cocktail and creating fresh mozzarella served with heirloom tomatoes and served with artisanal sea salt made from the ocean just below the resort.

For the Leadership Summit, we held three panel discussions where we answered questions that are often posed to leaders in today’s digital age.

Kit speaks at #CabanaBoss

Kit speaks about the importance of an up-to-date website during the Branding panel at #CabanaBoss on May 15, 2017. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

You, The Leader

The first panel discussion covered what “You, The Leader” needs to keep you motivated, guide you on how to motivate others and how to keep the work/life balance as a business owner.

Amy Berman of Vanilla Bake Shop, spoke about how Winston Churchill’s quotes inspire her.

KC Campbell of VOX DJs, spoke about the conferences he attends to make sure he is executing the best practices for the DJ industry and Meg Walker of Made by Meg, spoke about how she balances work and home life so she can be an effective leader.

Guests at Terranea listen to #CabanaBoss panels

Guests at the Leadership Summit event on May 15, 2017, at Terranea listen to our panelists.


I was part of the second panel discussion which covered “Branding In The Digital Age.” Casey and I founded Flower Duet in 1999 as a side business when we still worked in IT jobs. I have a background in eCommerce and interactive marketing with expertise in Search. I have a good understanding of how people search for information on the Internet and know how to get people to land on our website to find our services and I helped others do that for their companies.

I spoke about the importance of maintaining a good website for your business and that over 70% of consumers access a website from mobile devices. Websites need to look great and work well on all types of mobile devices or consumers will take their business somewhere else.

Lisa Oler from Smile Lounge Photo Booth spoke about the best way to use social media for your business. She expressed how important it is to be genuine and real when promoting yourself as a brand.

Laura Clausen of Dish Wish has a background in branding and talked about the necessity to evolve your brand. As your company grows, it’s important to keep adjusting your brand to reflect the clients you want to attract for your business.

Vox DJs

Vox Djs was on hand to MC the event and provide entry music for each panelist. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

The Tribe

The third panel covered topics on how to keep your workers and contractors happy. Jackie Hanson of Design Visage talked about an annual trip her designers are treated to as a reward for meeting goals in the year.

Jeremy Berman of Vanilla Bake Shop spoke about how to keep everyone excited to come to work daily and treat people well and with respect. Leora Mauck of Copper Will Paper Studio talked about incentives for workers that were in the form of gift cards for work that is exceptional to help keep her employees motivated.

Gifts for guests of #CabanaBoss

Each guest went home with lots of information on how to be a good leader and a lot of cabana-themed gifts to kick off a successful summer season. Photo by Miki & Sonja Photography.

Learn more about our #WEHEROES members and their wedding & event businesses:

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