March 2012 Newsletter

Floral Trends - Volume 24

Green Roses and Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day or Any Day

by Casey Schwartz

Not too long ago it wasn’t easy being green if you were a flower. Dyed green carnations were the only options for many years. Now, there are other, more beautiful and natural ways to go “green” with flowers. As we head into March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or Earth Day in April, here are some green floral options to consider.

Green Dianthus Balls
There is a new green flower on the block and they are pom pommy, fun, and whimsical and look like they may have come from a Dr. Seuss book. They are called Green Trick® Dianthus or Green Ball Dianthus (see photo at left). Not actually a true carnation, they are related to Sweet William. We love these fluffy flowers that look like balls of moss and our clients can’t seem to take their fingers or eyes off of them. They do share something in common with carnations … they last a very long time in a vase design! Here are a couple of recent designs we’ve done that integrate them.

Green Dianthus Balls

Green Trick® Dianthus with multi-colored carnations, wax flower and creamy roses make up this cute low vase design.

Kermit with Green Dianthus

Green Kermit mums are paired with the Green Ball Dianthus here in a fun and whimsical floral design.

Green Roses

As far as green roses go … the only one we could use in floral design 10 years ago was called “Jade,” a rather pale green with just a touch of red on each petal’s tips. Then along came “Limbo,” which, in my book is in limbo between green and yellow — a great lemon/lime rose. “Green Tea” has shown itself lately and is similar to “Jade,” a very delicate green opening even paler than “Jade.” My favorite green rose is called “Super Green.” It is frilly, has ruffled petals and looks like light green salad. Its flower head is very dense and full of petals and does not open like a traditional rose, but is more “squatty” for lack of a better description. The stems are usually full of thorns … so they are super thorny, too!

Green Bridesmaid Bouquet
Super Green roses are surrounded by green hydrangeas and accented with succulents in this bridesmaid bouquet we made last month for a wedding in Palos Verdes, California at Wayfarer’s Chapel.
Green Tea Roses
Green Jade Roses
“Green Tea” rose at left and “Jade” roses at right above.
Super Green Roses
Green Limbo Roses
Our favorite green rose “Super Green” at left and “Limbo” roses at right above.

More Green Flowers and “Greenery”

Green Limes
Green Orchids
Green limes inside the vase water add a nice green touch to a floral design. Green Dendrobium orchids are classy in any floral design.

Green Viburnum
Here is some fresh Viburnum before it’s turned white. It makes a great green option to a floral design.

2010 Olympic Bouquet
Pictured above is a bouquet for which we created a “how-to” guide on our blog based on the Olympic flowers from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. It featured green hypericum berries and green spider mums and some leather fern. These two green flowers represent just a few of the options of flowers you can use to design for St. Patrick’s Day.

So pass up the dyed flowers and take a good look at all the great green flowers that have arrived on the scene. Book an LA Flower mart tour with us in March to see all the green flowers that are at the Los Angeles Floral District.



Hot Floral Supplies: Manzanita Branches at Wasabi Green

by Kit Wertz

Wasabi Green Sign

We spend a lot of time at the Los Angeles Floral District and are constantly amazed by all the wonderful things to buy for our floral designs. This month, we are teaching how to make a Living Succulent Art Piece and think the vendor, Wasabi Green, has some great items that would be perfect accents to our designs. If you come to our monthly tours of the LA Flower Mart, we can show you this vendor and more and let you in on all the secrets of wholesale floral supplies. Here are some items we think are really unique and fun at Wasabi Green!

Glass and Stones

Wasabi Glass
Wasabi Stones
Wasabi Blue Glass

Colored Glass and polished stones make wonderful accents to the tops of planted containers and for terrarium displays. Wasabi Green offers these in bulk. You can see there is a huge variety to choose from.

From the Sea

Wasabi Seashells
Wasabi Coral
You can also find a variety of coral and sea shells sold by the piece or in bulk. Some of these are actually barnacles!

Manzanita Branches and Grapewood

Wasabi Grapewood
Wasabi Manzanita
Wasabi Birch

Grapewood and Manzanita branches make interesting architectual accents in larger scale designs. Manzanita branches have been a trend in floral design for the past few years and we are still using them as large and small accents for weddings and all sort of special events. The branches come in all sizes with their original dark bark intact, but also come without bark, in a treatment called sandblasted.

Manzanita branches are especially used for “wishing trees” at weddings. Guests can write a sweet note to the bride and groom and wishing them good thoughts for their life together. Note cards are prepared ahead of time with ribbon already attached and so all you have to do is write and hang.
Pink and Black Wedding Wish Tree
Here is a wishing tree we created for a wedding where the theme was hot pink and black. We spray painted the manzanita branch a glossy black and secured the branch into a low container which we also spray painted back to match. The hot pink roses and gerber daisies completed the pink theme.

Sam Maloof Floral Class
We honored the California native Sam Maloof last year at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens where there was an exhibition of his wood furniture. We taught a floral design in a wood container with a Manzanita branch as its focal point as a nod to his artful woodwork. Here is a photo of what we taught.

FREE Video: Easy Flower Design Anyone Can Do!

Flower Duet Adds More Videos to its YouTube Channel

We continue to add more free videos to our YouTube channel. Casey appeared on behalf of Flower Duet for the 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 seasons of Creative Living, which airs on PBS stations across the country. We are able to air these segments with the permission of Creative Living via our channel on YouTube!

This month, Casey shows Sheryl Borden from Creative Living how to create a beautiful floral design in less than ten minutes using her “bundle and place” never-fail floral design technique. Anyone can learn to make a wonderful and creative arrangement like this one!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel: fashioningflowers so you’ll know when we’ve uploaded a new show!

Book Review

flower flip: a guide to 50 favorite flowers by Florists’ Review

When you need information about a flower variety quickly, this book is a perfect choice. The flower flip book by Florists’ Review is a small flip chart with the latest information on 50 of the most popular flower varieties available to most florists. For each flower, there is a beautiful photo, a pronunciation guide, a description, available colors, vase life and special care information. There is also a general care guide for all types of cut flowers. It’s designed to fit on your countertop for easy access. You’ll find it an indispensable tool in your floral department!




Floral Design Tool:
Mercury Glass Vases

Mercury Crackle Vase
Mercury Glass Vases Sony Grammy Party

Mercury glass has been around a long time but it disappeared from the design scene for many years. It’s back in the interior design magazines and in our floral decorating choices and we think it’s a great trend to follow. Even though it’s called “Mercury” glass, there is actually no mercury used in the process of making these shiny objects. When the first versions of these types of glass containers were made over 300 years ago, the glass was blown with “double walls.” Then a silver nitrate liquid solution was poured into the walls before it was sealed between the two layers.

Mercury Glass Vases

Metallic glass became popular in the 19th century as an alternative to the brown bottles and clear glass that was normally made, but was only produced for about 80 years. Now, we see a return of this type of glass, but the items we get today are not double-walled vessels. Most vases or votive holders that are available now are simply glass with a silvery coating on the inside of the vase giving it that “Mercury Glass” look.

HOT TIP: On some types of vases treated this way, we’ve found the inside silver flakes off when water touches it. For this reason, we recommend using a liner of plastic or using another water tight vase before adding flowers.

Color Palettes for Silver Vases

For two events last month we used this retro-looking glass and both events featured completely different color palettes.

Grammy Awards Party Colors – Yellow, Green, White

Mercury Glass Vase Casey Sony Grammy

Close up of Mercury Vase

Grammy Party Flowers Shown first above, Casey is filling up some of our silvery vessels to get them ready for a yellow, white and green scheme for a post-Grammy Awards party at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood for the Sony Music Group. (Multi-Grammy Award Winner Adele attended the party!) Also pictured is a close-up photo of one of the cocktail table designs. See more floral design pictures from the Sony Post-Grammy Party on our Facebook page.

Wedding Colors – Grey, Soft Whites, Pink, Succulents
Wedding Mercury Vase Closeup

Wedding Mercury Vase Table Setting

Wedding Flowers Pictured above for a lovely bride from Texas, who fell in love with the look with soft whites, greens and very hip succulents for her centerpieces, we used these wonderful footed mercury glass vases.

Where to Purchase
A few months ago it was tough to find a variety of these mercury glass vases, but we are seeing more styles of vases as the demand has grown.
Multi-color-Mercury Vases
Shown above are colored mercury glass vases we scouted while doing an event in New York City. These are available from Jamali Garden Floral Supply.

We have found metallic glass vases and containers at mainstream stores like, Pottery Barn or ZGallerie, but you can also buy them from wholesale floral supply places like Moskatels downtown in the Los Angeles Floral District.

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