2014 Newsletter Archives

2014 Floral Design Newsletter Archives

Floral Crowns

These days, the flowers in floral crowns are big and bold. Go big for full impact of the flowers.

December 2014 Topics

  • History of Floral Crowns: Past, Present & Future
  • Pink Metallic Flowers for Holiday Decorations
  • Flower Snowman Craft How-To
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2014 for Flower Lovers
    • Flower Magazine Gifts
    • Flower-themed Gifts
    • Flower Coffee-Table Books


Fall Centerpiece

These earth-tone carnations are perfect for a rustic fall table. Don’t overlook this lovely flowers anymore!

November 2014 Topics

  • Get Your Gourds Now for Fall Table Top Designs
  • Rock And Roses
  • Carnations Take on New Colors, Designs
  • On-The-Beach Wedding Flowers
  • Book Review: How to Make Flower Leis Book
  • Flower Tool: Lei Needles



Swirl pattern petal aisle.

We feature two real weddings from the past month plus some more great ideas on floral design.

October 2014 Tropics

  • Beach-inspired Wedding Flowers
  • Pink & Green Wedding in Huntington Beach
  • Cherry Blossom and Orchid Wedding in September
  • Birch Pole Ceremony Pergola
  • Pick Your Own Flower Farms
  • Book Recommendations on Floral Design
  • Flower Tool: Google Calendar Sharing


Centerpiece for French Circus theme - golds, green, burgundy flowers

Main design we created for California Wedding Day magazine’s Best of Bride 2014 Awards Party.

September 2014 Topics

  • A Degree in MacGyverology Required for Florists?
  • Flower Duet Creates Floral Designs for California Wedding Day Magazine’s First Best of Bride Awards
  • Birdcage Flowers Birthday Party
  • Paper Lantern Wedding Reception
  • You Said What to that Bride?
  • Wine Bottle Vase Wedding Reception
  • Flower Duet Special Appearance at South Coast Botanic Garden 53rd Annual Foundation Dinner
  • Beach-Themed Wedding at Terranea
  • Book Review: Windowsill Art: Creating One-of-a-Kind Natural Arrangements to Celebrate the Seasons
  • Flower Tool: How To Remove Thorns from Garden Roses Quickly (and Not Hurting a Finger in the Process)
Friendship Day Flowers

Learn to how to make floral arrangements for Friendship Day.

August 2014 Topics

  • Friendship Day Flowers How-To Design Tutorial
  • Gerber Daisies Conditioning
  • Teach Your Children Floral Design
  • Manhattan Beach Home Wedding
  • Wall Street Farmers Market
  • Summer Mystery Reading with Florist Sleuths

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July 4th Flowers

Create July 4th flower arrangements with blue and white flowers like this and place them in a red vase!

July 2014 Topics

  • Recycled Wine Bottle Vases
  • July 4th Flowers
  • Kit Wertz Named Bloomin’ News Columnist
  • Discovering the Language of Flowers
  • The Lonely Bouquet Project
  • Book Review: Decorate With Flowers
  • Flower Tool: Vase Cleaning Tool

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How To Make A Boutonnière

Flower Duet Shows you how to make a custom boutonnière.

June 2014 Topics

  • Flower Duet’s Redesigned & Optimized Website
  • Create a Bou­ton­nière for Grooms, Dads & Grads
  • Summer Travel: Where to see Flowers
  • Flower Duet’s May Weddings & Events
  • Floral Book: The Plant Recipe Book
  • Floral Tool: Bou­ton­nière Kit

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Field to Vase Floral DesignMay 2014 Topics

  • Field to Vase” Trend
  • Flower Duet’s Philanthropic philosophy
  • Student Jennifer’s Design Work
  • Floral Book:  Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers
  • Floral Tool: Bamboo Skewers

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Rainbow FlowersApril 2014 Topics

  • Vases and Containers for Spring and Summer
  • Spring Color Trends for Easter and Mother’s Day
  • David Austin Rose Website
  • Flower Fields Weddings
  • Student Feature: In The Pink Weddings & Events
  • Floral Book: Art of Flower Arranging
  • Floral Tool: Flower Robes

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march 2014 flower newsMarch 2014 Topics

  • Five Tips for St. Patrick’s Day Flowers
  • Flowers Make You Happy
  • Learn to be a Flower Farmer Intensive Workshop
  • Slow Flowers Website Resource
  • Book Review: Inspire – The Art of Living with Nature
  • Floral Design Tool: Raquettes Floral Foam

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Floral Design Day IdeasFebruary 2014 Topics

  • 2014 Chinese New Year Flowers
  • International Students Continue to Take Flower Classes with Flower Duet
  • Heart-shaped Flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • Floral Design Day is February 28th
  • Magazine Review: flower Magazine
  • Floral Tool: Recycled Flower Boxes

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2014 Color of the Year Radiant Orchid - Flowerduet.comJanuary 2014 Topics

  • 2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid
  • 2014 Wedding Trends: Flowers, Food and Fabulous Fun
  • Rose Parade Celebrates 125 Years
  • Floral Book: Too Many Blooms
  • Floral Tool: Bouquet Holder and Bouquet Hold Adhesive

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