Use Rubber Mallets to Make Hapazome

Rub­ber Mal­lets were the uni­ver­sal favorite way for our sum­mer camp kids to cre­ate beau­ti­ful hapa­zome prints with flower petals and leaves on water­col­or paper.

How to cre­ate a hapazome?

  1. Start with heavy duty water­col­or paper (note­cards are nice)
  2. Col­lect col­or­ful col­lec­tions of petals and green­ery that are fresh. Pan­sy faces work espe­cial­ly well.
  3. Place water­col­or paper on a hard sur­face (we used the ground) over anoth­er paper like cardboard.
  4. Place a design of petals.
  5. Cov­er with plain white paper (like copi­er paper)
  6. Pound with rub­ber mal­let light­ly all over.
  7. Lift off cov­er paper to see results and scrape away any remain­ing petals or leaves.
  8. Let dry.

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