Flower Duet expands its Offerings on Designing with Succulent Plants

by Casey Schwartz

Casey Succulent Wreath

We shared Kit’s succulent wreath that we created at the end of September. It has been resting and rooting for the past month and is just about ready to hang. I made one as well and I have watched it transform and fill in over the past month. The sedum has grown and filled in and the jade is blooming (pictured above.)


Flower Duet’s Mini Succulent Nursery

succulent details
We have been so enamored with succulents over the past couple of years that we have found ourselves with a rather large collection of plants which in turn continues to offer a bountiful harvest to create wreaths and other succulent-based floral designs. Just a few years of plantings afforded over 700 cuttings which were transferred into six wreaths for the upcoming holidays.

We decided that our passion for succulents was far from waning, so I decided to turn an underused part of my backyard into a succulent nursery.

Before the transition in the backyard…
before nursery

To create a comfortable growing environment, we collected abandoned wood shipping pallets left near to our floral design studio, added legs to them and gave each one a few coats of “Oops paint” to protect them. “Oops paint” is found at hardware stores or paint shops. The paint color was custom mixed for a customer, but it was not quite right so it’s offered for sale at a fraction of the original price. Sometimes a gallon of high end exterior semi-gloss paint drops from $35.00 to $5.00 just to get it out of the store.

After the transformation into a new nursery ready for plantings!
after nursery

Those odd oranges, yellow and blues are perfect for adding a pop of color in a rather green pallet of succulents. We also used pots and containers from past succulent plant purchases, replanted cuttings and we have separated some of our succulents that have just gotten too big for their containers.


succulent details
We will be offering some great floral design classes working with succulents and fresh flowers, as well as living art.






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