Flower Duet expands its Offerings on Designing with Succulent Plants

by Casey Schwartz

Casey Succulent Wreath

We shared Kit’s suc­cu­lent wreath that we cre­at­ed at the end of Sep­tem­ber. It has been rest­ing and root­ing for the past month and is just about ready to hang. I made one as well and I have watched it trans­form and fill in over the past month. The sedum has grown and filled in and the jade is bloom­ing (pic­tured above.)


Flower Duet’s Mini Succulent Nursery

succulent details
We have been so enam­ored with suc­cu­lents over the past cou­ple of years that we have found our­selves with a rather large col­lec­tion of plants which in turn con­tin­ues to offer a boun­ti­ful har­vest to cre­ate wreaths and oth­er suc­cu­lent-based flo­ral designs. Just a few years of plant­i­ngs afford­ed over 700 cut­tings which were trans­ferred into six wreaths for the upcom­ing hol­i­days.

We decid­ed that our pas­sion for suc­cu­lents was far from wan­ing, so I decid­ed to turn an under­used part of my back­yard into a suc­cu­lent nurs­ery.

Before the tran­si­tion in the back­yard…
before nursery

To cre­ate a com­fort­able grow­ing envi­ron­ment, we col­lect­ed aban­doned wood ship­ping pal­lets left near to our flo­ral design stu­dio, added legs to them and gave each one a few coats of “Oops paint” to pro­tect them. “Oops paint” is found at hard­ware stores or paint shops. The paint col­or was cus­tom mixed for a cus­tomer, but it was not quite right so it’s offered for sale at a frac­tion of the orig­i­nal price. Some­times a gal­lon of high end exte­ri­or semi-gloss paint drops from $35.00 to $5.00 just to get it out of the store.

After the trans­for­ma­tion into a new nurs­ery ready for plant­i­ngs!
after nursery

Those odd oranges, yel­low and blues are per­fect for adding a pop of col­or in a rather green pal­let of suc­cu­lents. We also used pots and con­tain­ers from past suc­cu­lent plant pur­chas­es, replant­ed cut­tings and we have sep­a­rat­ed some of our suc­cu­lents that have just got­ten too big for their con­tain­ers.


succulent details
We will be offer­ing some great flo­ral design class­es work­ing with suc­cu­lents and fresh flow­ers, as well as liv­ing art.