It was fun to design flo­rals for a giant hexa­gon flo­ral arch that was way taller than we were. The bride had a florist for bou­quets and cen­ter­pieces, but her florist did not want to try an tack­le this arch. So, the wed­ding plan­ner sug­gest­ed that we could han­dle it and we did!

The main con­cern when design­ing for an arch like this one is to not to make it too heavy so the arch will fall forward.

These cer­e­mo­ny pieces are designed to be ele­gant with­out the need for many flow­ers on them. So when wed­ding cou­ples want it to be cov­ered com­plete­ly, we have to put on our flo­ral aprons, as well as, our engi­neer­ing hats to fig­ure out the best and safest way to add flow­ers for the festivities.

Giant Hexagon Arch

The sides of this arch are five feet long!

To make sure this stayed put, we weighed down the low­er bot­tom mid­dle sec­tion and then dis­guised it with green­ery. We also tied the back of the arch down with guy­lines in order to coun­ter­bal­ance the frontal weight more.

NOTE: Only use a guy­line if no one is going to walk behind the arch. You don’t want any­one to trip on it!

Venue: Ran­cho Los Cer­ri­tos His­tor­i­cal Adobe House in Long Beach